Sunday, May 31, 2015

Update May 26, 2015: Happy Memorial Day!

Week 66

Aloha Everyone!

This will be quick because I don’t have a lot of time but this week has been a fantastic as always! I am loving every week more and more and it keeps getting harder and harder to think about leaving this place! I love it so much.

Anyway the highlights.

Tuesday- was temple trip! Pretty awesome as always I love having one so close!

Wednesday- was transfers a lot of the companionships in the zone changed. Actually only 2 didn’t and we are one of them! Another 6 glorious weeks here! Highlight was we had a great lesson with Isaiah and are pumped to meet with him again tomorrow! He is doing so well! Then of course basketball!

Thursday- was another great day we finished painting those stairs then had a great lesson with Vosa’s Family!

Friday- service at the Kaka’s of course! More of just taming the Jungle…
Saturday- was controlled chaos bouncing around one end of our area to the other then we went to a wedding reception in the Samoan ward it was pretty epic! The bride and groom both have worked at PCC for years so we had a lot of people come and preform from the villages. It was awesome! Not going to lie Polynesian weddings make White weddings seem like funerals…. Haha they are so much fun!!! And on such a grand scale. This was a small wedding and there were 400 people there and it was 3 hours… yeah that’s small…

Inline image 1

"Small" Wedding

Monday- we went to play basketball with our ward at and I rolled my ankle 2 minutes in… kinda a damper on the day but then ibuprofen saved the day and we went hiking with the sisters! I have never taken so many picture on a hike…

I hope you all have a wonderful week! In closing I just want to say how much I love this gospel and the joy and happiness itr brings to peoples lives. We had a family lose their father this week. He drowned while diving they have 2 teenage girls and it was so tragic but the ward has taken them in and the gospel gives us the reassurance that death is not the end. There is life after death. And when we are sealed as families in the temple we have a promise from god that we will be together forever.

 Inline image 2

I bet them the couldn't do it and they did it!
Inline image 3

Its a race to the top!

I love and miss you all.
Elder Shoaf

Pictures May 19, 2015: Service at Mike's!

Inline image 1
Pickin' Lychee!
Inline image 2
Cuttin' Apple Bananas
Inline image 3
at home you get Sugar from the store. here we get it from the source! Chewin' on and holding' Sugar Cane! 

Update May 19, 2015: Service, BBQs, and Apostles of God

Week 65

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a wonderful here! Lots of service lots of fun lots of teaching and 2 of the twelve apostles… Yeah. But more on that later!

This week!

            Monday- was a fun and very full day! First off we hiked up a rock formation called crouching lion! We an amazing view of Kahana Valley and Bay! Pictures will follow!:) Then we went down to Kualoa Ranch and did the movie tour. It was pretty epic! We got to see where they filmed some very well known movies including 50 first dates, Jurassic Park, LOST, Hawaii 5-0, and more. It was pretty cool! Then we threw a BBQ at the Beach Park for the Zone and then Basketball at the Stake Center.

Inline image 3

The Egg from Jurassic Park!

            Tuesday- we had service at Kahana Valley in the Garden Helping Aunty Selu again then we went to the BYUH Devotional where Elder Nelson and Oaks of the Quorum of the 12 were there along with Sister Burton the General RS President, Elder Hallstrom of the 70, all three BYU presidents (BYU Provo, BYUI, and BYUH), and many other big faces. What’s the occasion? They announced the release of the BYUH president and introduced the new one! It was pretty cool to see them all!

Inline image 2
Elder Nelson, Elder Oaks, Elder Hallstrom, then in the back Stake Presidents, Mission President and Temple President. it was Pretty Awesome!

            Wednesday- we had District meeting and played Missionary Jeopardy it was pretty awesome! Then service then a couple great lessons. The biggest was Isaiah. He is progressing so well! We are excited to keep going with him! Then they made us Corned beef and Breadfruit. Both of which are AMAZING for all those who haven’t had it. I love breadfruit! Then we got back to our pad and Elders Hathaway and Mailau were there and needed a ride home. Some how Elder Mailau managed to “Taco” the front tire of his bike… yeah like folded it in half jumping off a curb… never gets old the things missionaries manage to do. We also did service at Mikes again. The usual Coconuts, Bananas, cutting brush and even picked some Lychee. Which is fruit of the gods! Soooo good!

            Thursday- I was sick as a dog… there is this virus going around that just kills you… and Thursday was the worst day of it. And I was on Exchanges in the other ward so that was fun sick and not even in my own area, which mean not my own bed… it was a long day…

            Friday- we went ham and turkey on the over growth at the Kaka’s. We ended up with a pile of Brush 30ft x 10ft x 10ft after just the past two weeks. But it looks so much better! Still more to do though.  Then we helped an aunty that lives across the street from us go through a bunch of stuff and sort for a Garage sale. Found some pretty cool stuff including a lot of late 1800s hand tools. They were pretty cool!

            Saturday- we helped a less-active lady in our ward rebuild the step to her deck. Her Husband and her were both diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks apart in January so we try our best to go over and help out as much as possible! Then we made a few visits but that filled most of our day!

Inline image 1

New steps that we ripped out and replace... not bad for a couple missionaries! 

            Sunday- was long day another bad day with the virus. Church then I went to bed! And never woke back up… haha

            This week was a full week of service, which I love. Its such a great way to serve in the community and you can see the difference! The joy that it brings to people makes it all worth it. In that theme I saw this new Mormon message called Lift that is about a ward serving a single lady in their ward with Multiple sclerosis. It’s really touching and really shows of Christ. Please watch it!!!!!!


I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day. It is such a blessing to be serving our Heavenly Father and the people here. I love this work and I love this people.

Elder Shoaf

Update May 12, 2015: Tender Mercies

Week 64

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a crazy fast week here in the beautiful lands of Hawaii! With lots of traveling! There were some big events up here on the north shore at PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center) with all of the schools doing there May-day Performances as well as “We are Samoa” and the World Wide Fire knife Competition! And I’m sure you would love to hear how they all went! So would I… we couldn’t go to any of them…. So sad! But we did have a lot of fun and see a lot of Miracles!

            This week!

            Monday- we had a service Project in the morning clearing a lot of overgrowth. It still amazes me how fast and how much thing grow here! Like some weeks will grow 18 inches in 2 or 3 days! Then Email, Basketball and Haircuts! Nothing too crazy.

            Tuesday- we had a great lesson with Jard and we are excited to help him come back to church! Then we had to go to my final rehab appointment! Yay! Done! I am officially 100% healed and back to normal! The scar isn’t even bad either! We also had a couple of great lessons as well!

            Wednesday- was Pearl Harbor Service! This was my 10th time! Crazy! So I got my Volunteer T-shirt, which you get once you have gone 10 times! It was a lot of fun as usual. We ended up cleaning a couple of compartments on the lower decks that aren’t seen very often! Vacuuming and dusting and such. Then that evening the Tongan ward had a mother-son dinner which was really good we were able to meet a family we have been trying to catch for weeks! A tender mercy for sure!

Inline image 1

"service"... the bunk wasn't quite long enough for me! 
Inline image 2

The crew! yeah the ceilings are a little low too. i guess i just wasn't meant to be on a Battleship!

            Thursday- we had District meeting, which went really well then I had my final follow-up visit with my hand surgeon and he said I’m good to go! Good as new! Then we had a couple good visits with families and a great lesson with another family we haven’t been able to catch in weeks! Things are just lining up! His Name is Isaiah and he is such a smart kid and his parents are members and he wants to get baptized so we are trying to help him prepare!

            Friday- was a pretty slow day. We were able to wing by Vosa’s and remind them about the ward party that night which was really good because they came!!!! We were so excited the party was simple but so much fun! Eat (always) then all of the youth that were in Mayday performances did their numbers then we had a dance! It was a lot to fun to see Vosa there with her family and they had such a great time! It was so cool to see everyone just welcome them in! I have never seen such loving people as the Polynesian people. It’s truly Christ-like love.
            Saturday- we did a big service project at the Kaka’s clearing a bunch of dead stuff and trimming everything! The best part was Elder Morco and I were tasked with cutting down a Plumeria Tree and that was a lot of fun! I love service! The other Highlight was we went to Dominos with Elder Mailau and Hathaway for dinner and the walls are Chalkboards so while we waited we drew the Plan of Salvation! It was pretty cool. Pictures to come.
            Sunday- it was Mother’s day and I LOVE all the leis! They smell so good and show so much love! Because they are all hand made! I will miss that when I go home. The Biggest Highlight though was Face timing home!!! It was really good to be able to talk to my family even though they were half asleep since it was so late! Sorry! I love and miss them so much! Next time I call home will be with in weeks of going home! Craziness! It was also cool to see Coach Anae who is my Offensive Coordinator at BYU. His mom lives in Laie and he was here for mother’s day so his sister-in-law who is in our ward invited us over to surprise him! It was really good to see him and I can’t believe in 9 short months I will be back there!

It has been such a great week. The biggest Miracle of all was last week as I told you we had a great visit with Vosa and afterwards I was talking to Bishop Fuluvaka and we were trying to figure out who would be a good fellowship for Vosa’s Mom who is a member but hasn’t been in years. Then on Tuesday we got a call on the way back from Honolulu that Aunty Selu who runs the Garden at Kahana wanted to talk to us so we stopped there and she proceeded to tell us how she had been praying and asking Heavenly Father to make the garden a place for missionary work and those that need help to be lead to the garden.

3 weeks ago Vosa’s Mom showed up at the garden looking for some food for a party and Aunty Selu had never met here before but helped her and had been visiting with here for weeks then Monday night Vosa’s Mom and brother, Leki, who we are also teaching came to the garden and had a great visit with Aunty Selu. It was such a tender mercy, here we are trying to find someone to fellowship Vosa’s mom and Heavenly Father had already taken care of it weeks prior. Aunty Selu has been amazing see made the whole family beautiful leis and then picked the up and brought them to the party Friday night. Heavenly Father knows each of us and has a plan for us. Even when we don’t know it or even see it he is always there for us.

I love this gospel; I love the people here and at home. I know Heavenly Father Answers our prayers and is always watching. I love each of you and miss you dearly. I pray you have a great week and all is well.
Inline image 3

Overlooking Kahana Bay and Valley from our Hike this morning!

Pictures May 4, 2015: David and Goliath

Inline image 1
This is Sister Penales. She is one of my best friends here in Laie! She is Filipino but from New Zealand! I am the tallest in the Mission she is the Shortest...
Inline image 2
We are the same Height on my Knees... I weigh 270lbs. She weighs around 85lbs.Inline image 3
Size 15 vs. Size 5....

Update May 4, 2015: Miracle May!

Week 63

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a Fan-dang-tabulous week here in Hau’ula! I am just on cloud nine! I love it here I love why I’m here I love what I’m doing here. I just wish you were all here… This week has been crazy nuts full of service, which I love! And I just realized I didn’t take a single picture this week of any of it… sorry! And it softens so many hearts! But I wont spoil the fun!

            This week!
            Monday- we went to the BYU-H Gym in the morning to workout with the Fuluvaka Boys. We try to go three times a week because it’s such a great start to the day! Get a good solid sweat in for an hour and a half and get done and its still only 7am! Pretty awesome. It’s hard to get up but it is always worth it! Then we kind of just had a chiller P-day nothing to crazy.
            Tuesday- we had to run to Honolulu in the morning for Elder Morco’s Doctor appointment. I really like Honolulu a big piece of me is there my first 6 months of memories. But I really don’t miss the traffic after being up here in the North Shore. Then we had a couple of great lessons! We met with this Filipino Guy named Jard who had been away from the Church for 10 years but wants to come back and his GF isn’t a member and really sweet! Great teaching opportunity there! We are pumped to get to work with both of them!

            Wednesday- we had Zone Meeting in the morning and we talked about a goal of 100 baptisms that President Warner has set for the Mission for the Month of may! Which is about 25% more than our average! We are pumped! We are calling it Miracle May and our Goal fro Laie is to get 8 of those! So we talked about how we wanted to go forth with that and one thing we talked about was having everyone fast for Missionary opportunities! So as a Zone we are doing a fast where each companionship takes one day of the month so that someone is fast each day of the month! Then we took it even bigger. We asked each ward to do the same. There are 5 stakes here… that’s over 45 wards! So over 45 people fasting everyday of the month for Missionary opportunities! We are so excited!

Inline image 1

Elder Morco and I Made Planner covers for the Zone! We are pretty happy with how they came out! Top is the front bottom is the Back!
Inline image 2

            Thursday- we spent almost the whole day at the Freebairn’s house they are getting their house ready to sell and needed some help getting the house ready before the appraiser came so we helped out with a couple ward members, painting, cleaning, and I did a lot of the woodworking that needed fixed. Trim, Cabinets, railings, siding whatever we could do to help the house back to great shape. And did I mention they live in a geodescent dome? It’s pretty cool.

            Friday- we had service in the morning at the Kaka’s cutting up a bunch of brush and trimming trees and will have a ton more this week of the same thing there! We also had a couple of great visits with some of the people we are working with and are seeing progress and, man, I love these people. There is no greater work than helping people improve their lives and helping them finds happiness. It’s such a wonderful opportunity!

            Saturday- started at 6am with Basketball worth the Tongan ward. Yes, twice a week now! Since they have chapel cleanup this month we paly ball for an hour then clean the chapel! Isn’t that a great way of getting people there to clean? Sucker them inJ then we spent the rest of the morning at Mike’s helping him clean up his property, cut bananas, clean coconuts. You know the normal stuff. Then we finished the day at Bishop Touli’s with a very proper Samoan dinner. The culture is so cool but crazy at the same time. Just the level of respect in the Polynesian cultures is so great!

            Sunday- was long as always but really good! All three of our wards are on board and pumped for the fast and we are seeing so much success! Last night we had a great visit with a non-ember family and a couple of the ward members came and we are really excited to start to work with this family!

            Man, I love it so much here. The gospel brings sooo much joy to my life and its so neat to see it bless others. The people here have so much love and charity. Some live in homes that we would call shacks or sheds at home or in a tent and they would still give you everything they have. They understand the gospel so well and it has been such a humbling experience as to how faithful and giving they are with so little.

I hope everyone is doing well and I will send some sunshine your way if I canJ

Love and miss you all!

Elder Shoaf

Pictures April 27, 2015: A Wild Goose Chase...I Mean Duck and Laie Zone Conference

Inline image 2
Elder Mailau really wanted some Coconuts...
Inline image 1
The Crew!

Inline image 1
Our Haul from the Garden
 (Guava, Papaya, Tamerind, and Coconut, yes he got some...)

So... i caught one of the Ducks...Inline image 2
Then we build an Alter and sacrificed it...

Just Kidding. We let Duck go. yes his name is Duck...

Inline image 3

Such a Big Zone!Inline image 2