Sunday, June 22, 2014

Update June 16, 2014

Week 17!

Aloha everyone!
Another week down and another transfer finished! This Wednesday marks the end of the transfer and the fresh batch of rookies fly in today that means ive got three groups younger than me! Which means im no longer a greenie! I will be staying here in the Kaimuki ward with Elder Wilson for at least another transfer. We learned a few weeks ago that President Monson sent a letter to all the mission presidents around the world telling them that he wants missionaries to stay in areas for 6-8 months rather than the usual 3-6 that we are use too. So there is a good possibility that I am but only half way done with Kaimuki ward and could spent up to 1/3 of my mission here!

We are however losing Sister Peterson she finishes he mission this transfer and will be flying home on Thursday. Its so sad to see her go and shes not ready to go home! But I guess all good things must come to an end. Other than transfers coming up nothing really has happened this week. As I said before Elder Jensen, Uaisele, and I all were down and out most of the week with the Stomach flu.

Tuesday was a rough day. After getting only 2 hours of sleep and spending most the night on the floor of the bathroom I was able to pull myself together enough to go to our zone meeting but while I was there I went from bad to worst, I was running a fever, dizzy, dehydrated, hurting, and almost passed out so the zone leaders gave me a blessing and I was able to make it through the meeting and able to be there to sign Aloha OE to Sister Peterson. I then met with our mission nurse and was told to go to be and to not go out for at least 24 hours and to consume nothing except clear liquids for 2 days. So I did as instructed and went home and ended up sleeping all day and then attended correlation meeting before going back to bed.Inline image 1
Sister Peterson and I after we sung Aloha Oe

Wednesday I was down and out again and also learned that Elder Jensen and Uaisele had the same thing. The day consisted of sleeping and reading. I was able to gain enough strength to attend cottage meeting that evening.
Thursday Elder Jensen was feeling a little bit better so elder Wilson and elder Jensen went out to visit a few people while elder Uaisele and I rested. I ate my first meal that night since Monday afternoon. A bowl of cereal. Then I was able to go to our appointment with Fred and set a baptism date with him for the 26th of July!

Friday was alright. I was still pretty weak but was able to go out for a few hours and to our district flood in Hawaii Kai. But still a pretty slow day.

Saturday we did service all morning at the Akaka's and it went really well! He even came to church on Sunday! Then our afternoon was full of setting up for, attending, and cleaning up after a funeral for a member of our ward who pasted away.

Sunday was a great Father’s day! Church went well and we were able to see a few families that don’t usually make it out on Sundays. We then had dinner with the Hardingers again and chilled most the evening.

Overall this week was pretty slow but it gave me a lot of time to think and to do some soul searching. I think one of the things I really realized this week is life is what you make it. You may not be able to control very much around you but you can control your attitude and do all that you can to make the best of a situation. Let us have an attitude of gratitude. I have made it a goal each day to focus on the good around me and to be grateful for those things big and small that people do for me and especially for all that Jesus Christ and Heavenly father do for me each and everyday. And the key to it all is to not put a but at the end or to dwell on those things that didn’t go so well. I have noticed that the days that I am able to do this the day goes by much fast, more enjoyably, and im overall more happy and at peace than those days where I focus on the bad. I’m not perfect and I struggle each day with this but I have a testimony that as we go forth with faith and put those worries and miss deeds behind us we will be happier and see the light of Christ more fully in our lives each and everyday. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful upcoming week! God be with you till we met again.
Elder Shoaf
Inline image 2
The Honolulu Zone after Zone Conference Last Week

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