Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pictures February 9, 2015: Hiking Away the Stress

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Enjoying the view! Shout out to the newest members of the BYU family!

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On top of the world!

Update February 9, 2015: Putt-putt, Fireplaces, and A Very Small World

Week 51

Aloha Everyone!

It has been another very fast/busy week here in Wahiawa. The highlight was Saturday we spent almost the whole day doing service at a investigators house in Waialua ward then at the end it turns out that this is the family of Sister Alayna Nelson’s Companion who Is serving in Las Vegas! Small world. The other highlight was we had a family come to church we have been working with that hasn’t been to church in 6 years! A BIG day for the ward! Everyone was so happy to see them there!

Any who,

This week!

            Monday- was a pretty awesome! After I went in for my IV at the doc’s office we met the Zone at a Putt-Putt place in Pearl City and it was pretty awesome then we all went to the Stake center to chill and hang out! Pretty awesome.

            Tuesday- was a busy day IV in the morning then Zone meeting then had a couple great visits one of which was the Belcher Family he’s a cop and she works in the ER at the Hospital and both work nights. They are a really great couple and just have fallen through the cracks. But we had a great visit and they really want to come back to church!

            Wednesday- we went to my IV in the morning and they said that was my last one!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!! I hate sitting in rush hour every morning for 2 hours and driving 50 miles before 9am. Pumped to be done! We then helped a family on base move to a condo in Mililani. And that ate up most of our day. Then the best part of the day, DINNER!!! And it was Tongan food!!! They had to roll me out of that house! I love Tongan foodJ

            Thursday- was a rough day, visited 30 houses, 2 answered, both of those the person wasn’t home…. But that’s alright. Just one of those days. Then we had our Scripture study at the Laumatia’s and the lit the fireplace. Yes a fireplace in Hawaii. It was awesome and it was a real wood burning!

            Friday- we had a great lesson with the Trautman’s which went really well it’s been hard to set up with him because the army is ding a bunch of Combat training in Kuhuku this week so he could get called in at any time and may be gone for the day or for 12 so it’s been crazy for all of our Army Families. We then had dinner with the John’s and the rode skateboards and rip sticks with their kids afterwards! Super fun! Just cruised around base!

            Saturday- we went to Ultimate Frisbee in the morning then to Waialua I do service for a family that is taking the lessons the have some BEAUTIFUL property right on a river running to the north shore so we spent a couple hours clearing the over growth along the bank of the river they are going to plant a few coconut trees and grass. It’s going to be really nice! Then at the end the fed all of us and the wife bring out a cut out of her daughter who is on a mission in Las Vegas and it turns out its Sister Alayna Nelson Companion! Small world!!! But we had a blast getting dirty on a beautiful day!

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Found some friends! (Garden Spider Not pictured, Decapitated Centipede)

            Sunday- was pretty normal, meetings, church, din din, collect numba from da district. The best part was the BELCHERS CAME TO CHURCH!!!! After 6 years they came to church! The ward was PUMPED to see them!!! Oh and the Ludeman’s who we had for dinner have a Siberian husky and I’m in love! She as an awesome dog even though she doesn’t fetch…

            Today- we played some football then went on this monster hike! It took us 4 hours but was worth it even though I can’t walk…. I’ll send pictures!

            This week my thoughts are really just the same as the weeks before. Persistence, diligence, and relying on the Lord. As we face trials or even areas where we want to grow if we are persistent in doing the best, diligent in following the guidance of our Heavenly father and those who love us, and Rely on the lord to make us the rest we can overcome anything in front of us. I see it every. day.  As we turn our focus toward the lord’s will we will never fail.
I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and see the blessings that are placed in front of us each day. I love and miss you all.

With Aloha,
Elder Shoaf

P.S. for those BYU fans out there I received this video from Coach Mendenhall this week! #byucougars!

Pictures: February 2, 2015: The Shirt Burning!

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Pre-Burning; Me, Ili, and Lee Chip Sao

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with the Guitar and Clubs

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Post-Smash remains

better Pictures to come next week!

Update February 2, 2015: Sliding the Backside Towards Home

Week 50!

Aloha Everyone! 

          I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! It has been a wonderful week here in Hawaii. Thursday was my Year mark and I officially have more days behind me than in front of me. It feels so good! but scary how fast it went!

This week!

          Monday- i went to Honolulu in the morning to have our mission doctor to look at the infection on my knee. And she decided to sent me to the doctor so we made an appointment for Wednesday. We then went back to Mililani to hang out and do P-day stuff.

          Tuesday- was a pretty slow day but we were able to catch a family that hasn't been to work for years, it went really well and i think they wont to start going to church again they both work Nights so that makes it difficult. But im excited to work with them!

          Wednesday- today started off with my appointment in Honolulu with the doctor and she took one look at me knee and told me it was staph... so that wasn't the best news. she also said it was too far along to take antibiotic pills so i had to get an IV of Antibiotics for an hour then have proceeded to have to go back every morning since. I don't understand how people can commute to work everyday! I hate it! it takes about an hour and a half to get to Honolulu in morning rush hour and I've had to go every morning... sick of it! on the bright side it looks alot better! Then the rest of the day was kind of a bust but it happens. I also picked up two new suits! im pumped for them!
          Thursday- today was the big year mark so Elder Ili and i were on Exchanges together for the occasion so he went with me to Honolulu then we had to take care of some things to prepare for Friday's Zone Conference but were able to make a few visits! then after dinner we went out the the Wailua Chapel to Burn our shirts with Elder Lee Chip Sao who also came out with us. we decided we didn't just want to burn it we wanted to do something original. well we found an old Guitar in one of the Pads so we decided to put our shirts in it, light it on fire then Elder Ili swung it like a bat and i smashed it with a club i have. it was pretty Epic!!!! who can say they lite a guitar on fire and Smashed it! (Don't worry it was a junk guitar and sounded horrible.)

          Friday- was Zone Conference so after my IV we met the Zone and the Kaneohe zone at the Kaneohe Building for Zone Conference all day!

          Saturday- we went to my appointment then we had to take some elders to Ewa Beach because their car got towed.... from their own parking spot.... kind of dumb but its all good. then we made a few visits then went to a Baptism!

          Sunday- i went to the doctor then church then went to our dinner and that was the day!

          Overall a good week and excited to see what the second year of my mission will bring. i hope you all have a wonderful week and remember that we are blessed everyday. It's just weather we focus on the blessing or the trials weather or not we have a great day. Our choice. 

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Love and Miss you all!

Elder Shoaf

Pictures January 26, 2015: North Shore Waves!

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Sunset Beach

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Waimea Bay

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There were a Few Brave souls. this was one of the smaller waves

Update January 26, 2015: It's a Whopper...Here We Go!

Week 48 and 49….

Aloha Everyone!

Yeah sorry about last week… we couldn’t go to the Library since it was closed for MLK day so we had to email at the Chapel. Limited computers and lots of distractions called dodge ball and basketball… so I didn’t spend much time on the computer so I didn’t get to writing everyone! But I will make up for it this week!

            We have had two VERY busy weeks with lots of great teaching and lots of road trips around the island for various reasons. But we will get into that. This is my last week as a young missionary. Come Thursday I will be “old. I will be on the way home… more behind me than in front. It’s so crazy to think about I can’t believe how fast it’s gone! A year is GONE! It was a year ago today I was set apart as a full-time missionary. Any who, enough with that.

Last week!

            Monday- was pretty typical P-day ended up pretty much just chillin.

            Tuesday- was Temple Trip it was Fantastic! I LOVE going through the Temple. It’s such a peaceful place! We then went on a tour of the Temple Visitor Center just for fun! Then any trip to Laie without going to Seven Brother Burgers in incomplete. So we had lunch there before heading back to Wahiawa. (Trip #1)

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At the Visitor Center! (Snell, Ili, Me, Henderson)

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Apparently Seven Brothers had good Milk shakes...

            Wednesday- we had a pretty slow day it was transfers but since I’m training we knew we were both staying. So we just worked then the Wahiawa 2nd Elders found out they were getting a car! (They have been walking) so we took them to Honolulu to pick it up! (Trip #2)

            Thursday- was another pretty typical day of just working and planning.
            Friday- we found out Mililani 1st is also getting a car (been walking as well) so we took them to Makakilo to pick that one up. (Trip #3) then we spent the Whole day visiting families on base and had a couple great conversations. Then our dinner cancelled so we just ate at our pad.

            Saturday- was Ultimate then we helped a family move that is moving onto Schofield from Pearl Harbor so we helped them then another service project in Mililani doing yard work. Then we stopped by the Trautman’s who we helped move the week before and asked Rob, the husband, who is not a member if he would like to take the lessons and he said yes so we Scheduled for Monday evening to meet with them! We are really excited! Then had dinner with the John’s then had the first night of Stake Conference which was fantastic. Elder Golden of the Quorum of the 70 was there he’s from South Africa! And he had some great things to say. More on that later.

            Sunday- was the rest of Stake Conference. Which went really well and we had a great dinner with a couple families from the ward as a potluck.

This week!

Monday- P-day at the Stake center for MLK day. Basketball. Dodge ball. All sorts of shenanigans. Then we met with the Trautman’s and had a FANTASTIC first lesson! Super excited for them!

Tuesday- I was on Exchanges in Mililani with Elder Ili which was awesome because for the first time in a long time I haven’t been in charge of what we were doing! So I just got to talk to people and share the gospel without worry about what was next or anything like that! Good day. Oh and we had to go to Honolulu for Materials (Trip #4)

Wednesday- we woke up early to meet up with Elder Lee Chip Sao and Olsen to Exchange. Elder Lee and I had a training meeting in Laie at 10am but we had to leave early to go the long way around down through Honolulu because the North Shore was super jammed up because there was GIANT waves coming in so there were people EVERYWHERE. We ended up being 2 hours early because there was no traffic through Honolulu or Kaneohe so we just drove around then went to the Visitor center. Our Meeting went really well though! Learned a lot it was for the mission leadership on the island so it was cool to see others that we haven’t seen lately. On our way back from the Meeting we came through the North Shore and got to see all the huge waves! some of the surf was 35ft!  I will add pictures! (Trip #5)

            The Highlight of the day was at church the Youth were learning line dances and the girls that we are teaching weren’t very comfortable there so Elder Henderson and I Jumped in with the youth and started showing off our bad… I mean mad dancing skills! It was so much fun and the girls kinda relaxed and joined in by the end of the night Elder Henderson and I were sweaty messes! Totally worth it! Then we had a great lesson with them about being spiritually minded:)

Thursday- Pretty typical day except I had to make a run to Honolulu to men’s Warehouse to get a new suit and got a great deal so I got 2 suits for half the price of one! (Trip #6) Then had our weekly Scripture study night at the Laumatias.

Friday- Started with a trip to Waipahu with Elder Snell to have their car serviced. (Trip #7) Neither of them knew where to go so I went with one of them. That ate a few hours then I spent the afternoon working with Elder Snell in Mililani until dinner then we switched back. After dinner we headed up to the Stake Center for the annual 3 0n 3 Basketball Tournament which went really well and our district had several investigators their! Tons of fun!

Saturday- we had our Weekly Ultimate game in the morning with the Wahiawa 3rd ward and we ran Elders verses everyone else and the Elders won!!!!! Then lost twice…. So I guess we should have quit while we were ahead! Then we had a great lesson that afternoon with the Trautman’s about the Plan of Salvation and it was awesome! They had all kinds of great Questions! Then we had Dinner with the Joslins and had Navaho Tacos and he’s a Black Hawk Pilot. Enough said.

Sunday- was jammed pack with church Meetings then the Stake Cottage meeting which went really well!

Today- we ran to Honolulu to have my Knee Looked at its infected Pretty bad… but they aren’t worried too much just will take time to heal. (Trip #8) now email then chillin it!

Well I think I got it all. Sorry it was so long! So much to talk about!!! I can’t believe how much is going on right now! I swear we never slow down! It’s a lot sometimes but I love it sooo much! I LOVE serving!

In Closing, I just want to share some thoughts with you about what I’ve learned this week. There were 2 things that really struck me this week. Elder Golden’s message at Stake Conference and my Meeting in Laie.

Something that Elder Golden said really struck me he said that those who study the scriptures daily, pray twice a day, and attend Church weekly and other meetings such as Family Home Evening will never fall away from the Church or our Heavenly Father. This statement blew me away how could it be that easy? But with the power he carried I know it to be true. We usually call these the Primary answers but he said that yes its simple like primary class is but he referred to it at the Covenant Path. And said that Jesus Christ’s Gospel is simple. Simple as study, Pray and attend meetings and you will never fall away. That’s not to say we won’t struggle or have trials or anything like that but we will make It through if we follow the covenant path.

The other was at my meeting in Laie we talked a lot about how we as the leaders of the mission could be better examples and help others achieve their full potential and though out the meeting I was really feeling a lot of doubt in myself and how good of a missionary I was and that I wasn't good enough and towards the end of the meeting someone shared a similar thought and we started discussing it and president Warner talked about it some and we all realized that we aren't taking advantage of what we have been given. We go out and preach and teach about how if we do the simple things we will be blessed, that if we turn to Jesus Christ that we can be forgiven of our sins, that we are not perfect and never will be but that Our heavenly Father expects Progression out of us not Perfection in this life. We then talked about how we go and teach people these things but then still expect ourselves to be perfect. That just doesn't make sense!

I am learning more and more about how to forgive myself and to understand that those feeling of guilt and inadequacies are not of god but from Satan. He wants us to think we can’t be changed that we can’t overcome our struggles but we can. We can be sanctified through Jesus Christ. It will take a lot of effort and struggles but we can all make it.

I close with this, the Gospel is true and regardless of whom you are or what you have done, we can all live with our Heavenly Father again. Jesus Christ has given is the Key to the door to heaven (the Atonement) we just simple have to use it.

I love and miss you all and know I’m here for a purpose and I have another year to grow, learn and serve of which I’m grateful for.

Elder Shoaf

Update January 12, 2015: Balut!

Week 47

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a fantastic week here in Wahiawa. Full of service and fun! And of course teachingJ I can’t believe how fast my mission is going… I will hit my Year mark… half way done… in 17 days… that’s so hard to fathom! It goes so quick!

I will pick up from Wednesday!

Wednesday- was a pretty busy day we worked on paperwork the emailed home since we didn’t get to Monday or Tuesday then we spent the afternoon visiting families but no one was really home. So they we went to our dinner ten to Basketball!! Always a good end to the night.

Thursday- We then had to go get Elder Ili and Snell before studies because their Pad got fumigated this week so they had to be out by 7am. So they came to our Pad for Studies then we week planned then we went back to Mililani to their area and all 4 of us worked in their area for the afternoon then they went to their dinner and we went to Scripture Study then our meeting then Picked them up since they were staying at our pad.

Friday- we spent the morning cleaning our pad for inspections then we helped a really cool family on Wheeler Base move he Is from Haiti and his wife is from Jamaica they are soo cool! Then we helped the Quarmbergs clean all the dead limbs out of the Lychee tree in front of their house then Elder Ili and I went on base to the Del Rosario’s for dinner which went really well!

Saturday- we took Elder Ili to their Pad and helped them clean and unpack their food after the fumigation then we had to take 2 Elders to Waipahu to send a Package to the Philippines. He’s going home and so he sent all his stuff he can’t take with him on the plane. Then we grabbed some Balut from the Filipino Market since a lot of the elders in our Zone hadn’t had it yet. Balut is a Duck egg a few weeks before hatching that is boiled and eaten. It seems super gross but is a delicacy down there! So after everyone was finished for the night we got together and had Balut! Some of the elders’ reactions were pretty classic.

Inline image 1

Playing ninja in the back of the moving truck!

Sunday- was usual Church Meetings and stuff then dinner with the Laumatias and Maafalas which was super good! Then Games with the Quarmbergs! Overall a great week!

Inline image 2

Balut. Yes thats a Duck baby

Inline image 3

Numba 2 here we go!

I hope everyone has a great week and all is well.

Love you all!

Elder Shoaf