Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update January 12, 2015: Balut!

Week 47

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a fantastic week here in Wahiawa. Full of service and fun! And of course teachingJ I can’t believe how fast my mission is going… I will hit my Year mark… half way done… in 17 days… that’s so hard to fathom! It goes so quick!

I will pick up from Wednesday!

Wednesday- was a pretty busy day we worked on paperwork the emailed home since we didn’t get to Monday or Tuesday then we spent the afternoon visiting families but no one was really home. So they we went to our dinner ten to Basketball!! Always a good end to the night.

Thursday- We then had to go get Elder Ili and Snell before studies because their Pad got fumigated this week so they had to be out by 7am. So they came to our Pad for Studies then we week planned then we went back to Mililani to their area and all 4 of us worked in their area for the afternoon then they went to their dinner and we went to Scripture Study then our meeting then Picked them up since they were staying at our pad.

Friday- we spent the morning cleaning our pad for inspections then we helped a really cool family on Wheeler Base move he Is from Haiti and his wife is from Jamaica they are soo cool! Then we helped the Quarmbergs clean all the dead limbs out of the Lychee tree in front of their house then Elder Ili and I went on base to the Del Rosario’s for dinner which went really well!

Saturday- we took Elder Ili to their Pad and helped them clean and unpack their food after the fumigation then we had to take 2 Elders to Waipahu to send a Package to the Philippines. He’s going home and so he sent all his stuff he can’t take with him on the plane. Then we grabbed some Balut from the Filipino Market since a lot of the elders in our Zone hadn’t had it yet. Balut is a Duck egg a few weeks before hatching that is boiled and eaten. It seems super gross but is a delicacy down there! So after everyone was finished for the night we got together and had Balut! Some of the elders’ reactions were pretty classic.

Inline image 1

Playing ninja in the back of the moving truck!

Sunday- was usual Church Meetings and stuff then dinner with the Laumatias and Maafalas which was super good! Then Games with the Quarmbergs! Overall a great week!

Inline image 2

Balut. Yes thats a Duck baby

Inline image 3

Numba 2 here we go!

I hope everyone has a great week and all is well.

Love you all!

Elder Shoaf

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