Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update February 9, 2015: Putt-putt, Fireplaces, and A Very Small World

Week 51

Aloha Everyone!

It has been another very fast/busy week here in Wahiawa. The highlight was Saturday we spent almost the whole day doing service at a investigators house in Waialua ward then at the end it turns out that this is the family of Sister Alayna Nelson’s Companion who Is serving in Las Vegas! Small world. The other highlight was we had a family come to church we have been working with that hasn’t been to church in 6 years! A BIG day for the ward! Everyone was so happy to see them there!

Any who,

This week!

            Monday- was a pretty awesome! After I went in for my IV at the doc’s office we met the Zone at a Putt-Putt place in Pearl City and it was pretty awesome then we all went to the Stake center to chill and hang out! Pretty awesome.

            Tuesday- was a busy day IV in the morning then Zone meeting then had a couple great visits one of which was the Belcher Family he’s a cop and she works in the ER at the Hospital and both work nights. They are a really great couple and just have fallen through the cracks. But we had a great visit and they really want to come back to church!

            Wednesday- we went to my IV in the morning and they said that was my last one!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!! I hate sitting in rush hour every morning for 2 hours and driving 50 miles before 9am. Pumped to be done! We then helped a family on base move to a condo in Mililani. And that ate up most of our day. Then the best part of the day, DINNER!!! And it was Tongan food!!! They had to roll me out of that house! I love Tongan foodJ

            Thursday- was a rough day, visited 30 houses, 2 answered, both of those the person wasn’t home…. But that’s alright. Just one of those days. Then we had our Scripture study at the Laumatia’s and the lit the fireplace. Yes a fireplace in Hawaii. It was awesome and it was a real wood burning!

            Friday- we had a great lesson with the Trautman’s which went really well it’s been hard to set up with him because the army is ding a bunch of Combat training in Kuhuku this week so he could get called in at any time and may be gone for the day or for 12 so it’s been crazy for all of our Army Families. We then had dinner with the John’s and the rode skateboards and rip sticks with their kids afterwards! Super fun! Just cruised around base!

            Saturday- we went to Ultimate Frisbee in the morning then to Waialua I do service for a family that is taking the lessons the have some BEAUTIFUL property right on a river running to the north shore so we spent a couple hours clearing the over growth along the bank of the river they are going to plant a few coconut trees and grass. It’s going to be really nice! Then at the end the fed all of us and the wife bring out a cut out of her daughter who is on a mission in Las Vegas and it turns out its Sister Alayna Nelson Companion! Small world!!! But we had a blast getting dirty on a beautiful day!

Inline image 1

Inline image 3

Found some friends! (Garden Spider Not pictured, Decapitated Centipede)

            Sunday- was pretty normal, meetings, church, din din, collect numba from da district. The best part was the BELCHERS CAME TO CHURCH!!!! After 6 years they came to church! The ward was PUMPED to see them!!! Oh and the Ludeman’s who we had for dinner have a Siberian husky and I’m in love! She as an awesome dog even though she doesn’t fetch…

            Today- we played some football then went on this monster hike! It took us 4 hours but was worth it even though I can’t walk…. I’ll send pictures!

            This week my thoughts are really just the same as the weeks before. Persistence, diligence, and relying on the Lord. As we face trials or even areas where we want to grow if we are persistent in doing the best, diligent in following the guidance of our Heavenly father and those who love us, and Rely on the lord to make us the rest we can overcome anything in front of us. I see it every. day.  As we turn our focus toward the lord’s will we will never fail.
I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and see the blessings that are placed in front of us each day. I love and miss you all.

With Aloha,
Elder Shoaf

P.S. for those BYU fans out there I received this video from Coach Mendenhall this week! #byucougars!

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