Sunday, April 26, 2015

Update April 21, 2015: Love. Just do it!

Week 61

Aloha Everyone!

Crazy week! So fast as I say every week…

It has been such a great week here on the Beautiful North Shore of Oahu! I’m sorry I keep bringing it up but it is just so dang Beautiful here! I LOVE it sooo much!

This Week!

Tuesday- was P-day and it was a good one! We went to the temple in the morning, I think I may have told you already, but it was great and it such a peaceful place where the worries and struggles of the world just melt away as you enter. I love it so much. Then we spent the afternoon playing sports at the chapel. Pretty awesome.

Wednesday- we had District meeting first District meeting of the transfer didn’t really change just one elder and one sister. Then we went to breakfast with the zone leaders at Tita’s Grill, which is a super popular North Shore place. I love it there because they make the most amazing bread so I love the melts! Then we were able to see quite a few families and had some great visits. One of the Families is really opening up to us so we are excited to see how that goes! Then of course we had Basketball night which was awesome as always we always have such great games and had a couple of Investigators there so that was really good!

Thursday- we week-planned at the temple grounds up behind the temple it was so beautiful and nice and the grounds are so well kept. And it is so peaceful! Then we saw a couple more families trying to get the work moving.

Friday- we drove all over the place. We had to go to Kaneohe first for my rehab another good report should be 100% in a couple weeks! We then had to go to Honolulu then to Wahiawa to Schofield Army Base. The best part of the night was we had a little dinner party to Celebrate Elder Uaisele finishing his mission it was really we had a really good time!

Inline image 3

Not a bad Place to take a break!

Saturday- I was on Exchanges with Elder Mailau in Laie and boy oh boy did we have a long day! Stayed up late talking then got up early to lift then to clean at the temple grounds then walked around Laie visiting a bunch of families. It is so cool to be so close to the temple we did a lot of our lessons at the Temple Visitor center, which was really nice! We ended the day by having dinner with Trevelle and Rachel, Rachel is a member and Trevelle is getting baptized on Saturday! We are so pumped for it! We had a great lesson with him and he is really excited!

Inline image 2

Elder Mailau cleaning up leaves @ the temple

Inline image 4

I love this place:)

Sunday- was the awesome! in the H6 ward Elder Uaisele gave his homecoming talk and there were a lot of familiar faces from Honolulu there to support him so it was really good to see them!

My thoughts this week come from when Elder Mailau and I were on Exchanges we talked for 4 Hours Friday night about our missions and catching up we served together in Honolulu over a year ago. While were we talking we talked about thing we have learned and overcome and weaknesses we both still have and it was really cool we both come to an understanding that everything must be out of love. The first great commandment is to Love God then to love others. And we were talking about being a missionary and how hard it is sometimes and hard to change because we were talking about how we feel that we are faking it if we don’t understand why we do it or are just doing it out of obedience and how we are trying to come to love doing those things and do them for the right reason. Then we realized that our love for god and others would compel us to change. For example we don’t have to love getting up by 6:30am everyday and we never do we just have to do it because we love god enough to obey and do his will. This changed my perspective so much here I am trying to understand how I can love these things we are asked to obey or do but rather I missed the whole picture I just have to love God and others enough to do it and I will be blessed and grow and learn.

In closing Elder Mailau told me this and I think it is so true;
“There is no growth in the comfort zone and there is no comfort in the growth zone”

            Was not sent here to Hawaii or on a mission in fact where i would be comfortable but rather where Heavenly Father knew I would grow. If its not easy you are on the right path. Just as in lifting if I were to bench 10lbs everyday for the rest of my life I would never get stronger because I would be in my comfort zone.

            I love you all and pray that all is well and everyone has a great week. I miss you all.

Elder Shoaf

Pictures April 14, 2015

Service for Dayzzz....

Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Pickin' Coconuts

Inline image 1
Huskin' Coconuts! (This is Mike-->)

Update April 14, 2015: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Week 60

Aloha Everyone!

I feel like I say this every week but this week went sooo fast! Craziness…

It has been a beautiful week with light drizzles and such but overall all good.

The big news this week was transfers. Elder Faitau is Osi! (Done) he is back home in Missouri and now My Comp is Elder Morco. He is Pilipino and speaks fluent Tagalog. He was born and raised in the Philippines till he was 10 then moved to California. He is currently living in Stockton, which is near San Francisco. He’s super cool. Kind of crazy haha. He is a bit older, 25, but he’s awesome.

Highlights of this week.

Monday- we had a great Dinner with the Prescott’s. They are a younger family he is from here, she is from Brazil and they met on their mission and they hated each other! Haha then well the rest is history. They have 3 adorable little kids who all speak both Portuguese and English. It’s pretty cool.

Tuesday- I had rehab and my Thumb is doing really well! Far above expectations so that was awesome news! Then spent the day letting Fatiau pack and say goodbye.

Wednesday- was transfers! Got to see a lot of Elders I haven’t seen in a While including my Trainer Elder Miller this is the first time he has been back on Oahu since he trained me a year ago! It was really good to see him and a couple other elders. Then I Showed Elder Morco around the area a bit and let him unpack!

Thursday & Friday- More introductions for Elder Morco VERY Slow days

Saturday- was a really good day we did some service for Mike Oberle we have been helping him come back to church and get to the temple and he’s so awesome! He has a bunch of land so we went out to help him out. Cut Bananas, Pick Coconuts, Husk Coconuts, move some stuff, and build a Paver Sidewalk for his mom! It was so much fun and good to be out getting dirty!

Sunday- was awesome as well we had several people a church that haven’t been there in a while or aren’t members so it went really well! They asked us to teach Gospel Principles Class and we had a fantastic Lesson on faith and how it is the Foundation to all that we do.

Yesterday- wasn’t our P-day to day was we went to the Temple this morningJ so yesterday we had 2 service projects. The first was cutting up a limb that fell across a member’s driveway the second was helping an Aunty move. They both went really well then we had to go to Honolulu. Elder Morco had a doctor’s appointment then we had to make a Stop in Ewa Beach to drop some things off for the Missionaries there. I forgot how much I hate Honolulu traffic…. It took us an Hour to go 5 miles…
 Inline image 3

Crusin' down Kam Hwy in the Freebarin's Truck!

Its crazy how much you learn even when you don’t know you are. I am so grateful to be a missionary for the Church and to see the Growth in others and in myself. It can be really hard sometimes but I’m grateful for the gospel and for Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me. As we go into this next week I challenge you to ponder what he has done for you. Just as we can find fault in someone if we look hard enough we can see the blessings that we have been given. We just simply have to be looking for the Positive. I am a strong believer that things turn out the way you want them to. If you look for the bad all you find will be bad and you will hate everything and one. But if you look for the good in others, the place around you, in yourself. You will see what our Heavenly Father sees in each of us. Regardless of what we decide to see our Heavenly Father always sees the good and will always see the best in us. Its merely just about Perspective.
 Inline image 1

The Zone this Morning at the Temple!

Inline image 2

Snagged this picture a coupe nights ago...

I hope you will all see the joy around you this week and all is well.

With Love,
Elder Shoaf

Pictures April 6, 2015

Inline image 1
These are the Tonga Sisters (last name is Tonga and their tongan... Big Tongan Family obviously..) they are amazing Singers and i love these guys like family. look them up on Youtube!
Inline image 3
All the Missionaries who sang at the Fireside!

Inline image 1
# BestDistrictEver!

Inline image 2
District Bracelets... Yeah we are cool...

Update April 6, 2015: Happy Easter!

Week 59

Aloha Everyone!

Sorry I didn’t have time to write last week. So much to do so little time. Same this week but I will get in as much as I can! It has been a great 2 weeks here in the beautiful sunshine state! All kinds of things to talk about but not enough time or room to write! I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend and for some spring break!

So to Start off:

First thing is my Hand it is doing well. I am out of the splint and the incision had healed up nicely. Pretty cool scare from itJ now I have rehab for a month. I have set a goal to have full range of motion in 3 weeks strength however will take time while the tendon completely heals. But happy with the progress none the less. 

Inline image 2

My wicked Z scare from surgery!

The week before last week spent a lot of time preparing for a missionary Fireside we had on March 29th. It was such a success and all those who sang and bore their testimony did so great! There is so much Musical talent here in the Laie area! The best part was that a guy named Leki we have been working with came and really enjoyed it! We were so stoked to have him there! We have met with him twice now are he loves the lessons and we love to see his progress and his Faith grow!

Inline image 3

So Tim Tams are from New Zealand and someone brought m some when the went over last week. they are the most amazing thing ever..

The other big thing is Elder Faitau is going home this coming Thursday! 2 years done! He’s pretty excited to see his family but its more of a vacation, he will be back in May for school… so we have been running around making sure he’s got everything ready and done he needs to do for school and such before he goes. 

The other Highlight was General Conference!!!!! I love Conference even though its sooo early here back home its 12pm and 4pm here its 6am and 10am… no nearly as exciting.. But still fantastic. We had the great opportunity to watch conference at the Temple Visitor Center in the Theater with the rest of the Missionaries here in the Laie area! It was really fun! We had breakfast out on the temple grounds between session both Saturday and Sunday! It was so cool to be at the Visitor Center to Watch Conference there is such a great warm spirit there anyway then with conference on top. Amazing. It was really cool to hear about the new temple announced and to hear from the prophet and apostles. There we so many great talks and if any of you didn’t watch I encourage you to go back and watch at least one session. There is a message for everyone on there. And President Uchtdorf going on in German was pretty comicalJ

Inline image 1

Hathaway, Mailau, Me, Faitau in front of the Temple. #toocool

Also this past weekend #becausehelives started a new Christ centered web page the Church has done for Easter it has a great video and message for everyone regardless of religion! Please watch it and think about the real reason for Easter. Even if you have already watched it watch it again and think about how much Christ has done for us and Because he lives how much we are blessed with. 

As we face trials we must turn to Christ and know that through him we can over come all. I know it to be true. I’m facing so much right now but know I’m on the right path. If its not hard. Its not worth fighting for. #becauseofhim all is possible and the fight will be worth it.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.

Elder Shoaf

Update March 23, 2015: From Surf to Surgery

Week 57

Aloha Everyone!

Already Monday… it’s so fast. I don’t know where time goes! It has been an interesting week with all kinds of excitement! The biggest thing is I had surgery on Wednesday to repair the tendon I cut in my thumb. All went well and I woke up 2 hours later with this gnarly splint on my arm. It is super annoying but luckily it only for like 2 weeks. Then just benched from most activities for about 2 months. But I’m glad to have my tendon restored.

This week!

Monday- we washed our car then spent most of the day cruising at PCC watching the shows. Its kind of crazy how many people from our wards work there!

Tuesday- we had District meeting and I unveiled our district bracelets. There pretty bomb... Pictures to come! We then spent some time studying then the headed over to the Visitor Center for interviews with President. It is such a blessing to be able to meet with president Warner and discuss how our area is doing and how we are doing I was able to share some areas I am struggling and he gave me some great counsel. I’m so grateful for his guidance and direction.

Wednesday- Was surgery day! We left for the hospital about 7am everything went well as I said earlier then we got back around 3 and I slept for a couple hours. Then I decided I didn’t want to sit in the pad all day so we went to our lesson at Kahana and then to the Tongan ward night.

Thursday- was a long day of visits with not too much luck but we were able to meet with a couple guys and get to know the ward a little better. It was a really long day for me because I wanted to go go go! But the Anesthesia hadn’t completely left my body so I was struggling! Haha I never noticed the affects in my first 2 surgeries because all I did after was lay on the couch! But I am doing much better my body has caught up to speed.

Friday- we met with Brother Matalolo who is our ward mission leader in the Samoan ward and talked about how we can help the ward. Then me had some rehearsals with the missionaries for our musical fireside we are putting on this Sunday then made a couple visits before going to the Chapel for ward game night with the Tongan ward. It was super fun the highlight was full-sized hungry hungry hippos. It was pretty epic.

Saturday- we went out with Brother Matalolo to visit a few families then to BBQ at Kahana with the Tongan ward. We threw the Frisbee a bit and I’m quickly learning how to throw with my left hand since I have a brick for a right! Then we worked o a bunch of stuff for the fireside then made a few visits I the evening.
Sunday- was pretty normal 3 wards so 3 times the time spent at church! I can’t explain how much I love singing In the language wards. Its like nothing else. They really don’t need the organ. You can hardly hear it anyway over the singing! We sang with the tongan Choir during sacrament meeting and there was a Palangi (white) family visiting and they didn’t know they were in a tongan ward till the meeting startd but they were just in awe at the music. Its so beautiful and brings the spirit. We start the day with the samoan ward then the Tongan ward then the palangi ward is last and compared to the language wards the palangi ward sounds like they are whispering! No emotion!

Inline image 1

Blessed to serve in a place with such Diversity. I Love the Polynesian People so much! (Tongan, Samoan, English)

This week my thoughts go to our District theme. Which is Alma 26:27, which is engraved on our district bracelet and it, says;
“Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.”

I love this Scripture and it really is perfect for what I am facing right now. So many times in our lives we are faced with trials or afflictions and we give up or we turn back. As a missionary I have learned the meaning of this scripture and the purpose of trials. We are given trials so that we might grow. As we over come them we see growth and success. I love the Lord’s Promise that if we bear up our afflictions with patience he will give us Success. Whatever you are going through it is for a reason. We are not challenged just simply to be held back but to set us free. If we will be patience and continue to endure we will see success. I see it everyday and constantly have to remind myself to be patient with myself an those around me. Change does not come overnight but rather a lifetime.
I hope all is well. I send you my Love and Aloha. We are blessed to be here at this time is this beautiful world.

Mahalo nui loa,
Elder Shoaf

Surgery Update: March 19, 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Shoaf,
I wanted to let you know that Elder Shoaf had his surgery this morning and he tolerated it very well.  He is back home, tolerating food and fluids well and feeling pretty good. The hospital sent him home with some fairly strong pain medication and I have assured him that when the anesthesia wears off he may need it.  His thumb is splinted for now and he will go back on Thursday for the dressing to be changed by the surgeon. I have talked to him a couple of times this afternoon and he sounds really good. 
I told him I keep my phone by my bed if his pain is too severe or if he has noticeable bleeding through his dressing.  I doubt that he will need me but did want him to be comfortable calling if he does.  I also told him to sleep the remainder of this day away and let his companion take care of him.  He has a wonderful companion so no worries there. 
I will keep you posted if there is any issues whatsoever.  Please know he is in good hands as far as we can tell.  I will be monitoring his progress.  Feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Sister Mayfield, RN,BC,MSN
Mission Nurse
Honolulu Hawaii Mission

Update March 16, 2015: Fun Under the Sun

Week 56

Aloha Everyone!

It has been another beautiful week here in Hauula! I can’t believe how fast time goes! Its nuts!

This week!

Monday-was a great P-day of crusin! It is such a chill atmosphere here! I love it.

Tuesday- we was awesome we went on splits 3 times! We were out with members all day! It was awesome and we got to see so many people! And then got to know the Kaka’s better. Their New Zealand accent is so cool!

Wednesday- we had Pearl Harbor service, which was a lot of fun as always. We then studied and went to our lesson with at Kahana with the kids then Basketball night with the Tongan ward. I had to sit out because of my hand but it was cool we had a lot of people come and were able get to know a couple of people!

Thursday- we had our District meeting in the morning, which went really well! It so weird to have so many sisters in our District due to the Visitor center! 8 sisters and only 4 elders! But it went well and we got to know our district a lot better! Then we headed to Kailua to a hand specialist to get a diagnoses on my hand I cut my hand pretty bad last Monday and turns out I cut the tendon in the back of my thumb so I will have surgery this Wednesday to repair it. So that’s a big bummer.

Friday- I was on Exchanges in my area with Elder Chen who is from Mainland China! He speaks Mandarin Chinese and has only been speaking English for about a year! It was a good day and pretty fun to explain things to him about the area since his English isn’t very good yet!

Saturday- was great we got to do some service at a non-profit ranch that is working on setting up a place where troubled youth can come and express themselves. They are working on a garden and all kinds of other stuff! Thy also have a bunch of animals including Horses. So I spent about 3 hours brushing and taking care of the horses then we cleaned up some rubbish and other things. It was a really nice time to just let the world go and relax!
Inline image 2

This is my Best Friend Samantha 
Inline image 1

Sabrina was getting jealous so she had to nose in..

Sunday- was chaos as always then we went to the Davis after dinner they invited a family over from the ward who has 4 boys living with them who aren’t members that are here to play Rugby for Kahuku from New Zealand and dang they are impressive. Like 2 of them are 17 and 18 and are getting looks from the All Blacks….. But it was a good time! One of them came to church with us and so we got to know them and answer any questions they have! They are going to New Zealand for spring break but hopefully we can try and meet up with them when they get back!
I Love it here so much and love serving others. I can’t believe how much I am learning a growing as well. This is our Heavenly Father’s work and I love seeing the Joy the gospel brings to the lives of others. I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break.

Elder Shoaf