Sunday, April 26, 2015

Update April 6, 2015: Happy Easter!

Week 59

Aloha Everyone!

Sorry I didn’t have time to write last week. So much to do so little time. Same this week but I will get in as much as I can! It has been a great 2 weeks here in the beautiful sunshine state! All kinds of things to talk about but not enough time or room to write! I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend and for some spring break!

So to Start off:

First thing is my Hand it is doing well. I am out of the splint and the incision had healed up nicely. Pretty cool scare from itJ now I have rehab for a month. I have set a goal to have full range of motion in 3 weeks strength however will take time while the tendon completely heals. But happy with the progress none the less. 

Inline image 2

My wicked Z scare from surgery!

The week before last week spent a lot of time preparing for a missionary Fireside we had on March 29th. It was such a success and all those who sang and bore their testimony did so great! There is so much Musical talent here in the Laie area! The best part was that a guy named Leki we have been working with came and really enjoyed it! We were so stoked to have him there! We have met with him twice now are he loves the lessons and we love to see his progress and his Faith grow!

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So Tim Tams are from New Zealand and someone brought m some when the went over last week. they are the most amazing thing ever..

The other big thing is Elder Faitau is going home this coming Thursday! 2 years done! He’s pretty excited to see his family but its more of a vacation, he will be back in May for school… so we have been running around making sure he’s got everything ready and done he needs to do for school and such before he goes. 

The other Highlight was General Conference!!!!! I love Conference even though its sooo early here back home its 12pm and 4pm here its 6am and 10am… no nearly as exciting.. But still fantastic. We had the great opportunity to watch conference at the Temple Visitor Center in the Theater with the rest of the Missionaries here in the Laie area! It was really fun! We had breakfast out on the temple grounds between session both Saturday and Sunday! It was so cool to be at the Visitor Center to Watch Conference there is such a great warm spirit there anyway then with conference on top. Amazing. It was really cool to hear about the new temple announced and to hear from the prophet and apostles. There we so many great talks and if any of you didn’t watch I encourage you to go back and watch at least one session. There is a message for everyone on there. And President Uchtdorf going on in German was pretty comicalJ

Inline image 1

Hathaway, Mailau, Me, Faitau in front of the Temple. #toocool

Also this past weekend #becausehelives started a new Christ centered web page the Church has done for Easter it has a great video and message for everyone regardless of religion! Please watch it and think about the real reason for Easter. Even if you have already watched it watch it again and think about how much Christ has done for us and Because he lives how much we are blessed with. 

As we face trials we must turn to Christ and know that through him we can over come all. I know it to be true. I’m facing so much right now but know I’m on the right path. If its not hard. Its not worth fighting for. #becauseofhim all is possible and the fight will be worth it.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.

Elder Shoaf

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