Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Update December 29, 2014: Until Next Year!

Week 45

Aloha Everyone!

Today I hit 11 Months! I can’t believe in a month I will be on the Downhill! That’s crazy! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas week! Christmas came and went here and I still don’t believe it was Christmas. The weather just doesn’t feel like it! And without my family it is not Christmas!

It has been a great week though! Face-timing my family was the highlight! It was so good to see them and to meet my new niece! She is adorable and I can’t wait to get home and meet here in person!

This week;

Monday- we went up to North shore and showed the new guys around it was raining but still worth it! We then had a great dinner on Base with the Zohovetz, he is in the Coast Guard so it was fun to get an inside look at the Coast Guard.

Tuesday- we had a great district meeting I am starting to get use to being a district leader but still don’t feel like I should be the one giving trainings but I’m learning a lot! We also had a couple great lessons and then of course Basketball!

Wednesday- was Christmas Eve so we didn’t do much Proselyting but did have a great lesson with Ray. We then had dinner at the Davis’ on Base and a few other families from the ward were invited then we met up with the Zone at one of the Church Buildings to watch Frozen and play games.

Inline image 1

Our Christmas tree and Gifts!

Inline image 2

Christmas with the Boys!

Thursday- was Christmas day!!! We went to the Kauhi’s to Face time and for Breakfast then to a ward party then to the Laumatia’s for dinner and games. It was an awesome day since I got to see my family but I was hit but the Cold that is going around so I didn’t feel very well all day.

Friday- was a bust I slept in since I wasn’t feeling well then did studies then Sister Quarnberg gave me a homemade concoction then I went back to bed and that was my day!

Saturday- we went to ultimate Frisbee. I still wasn’t feeling the best but decided to sweat it out. I think it helped but some of it still lingers. We then made a couple great visits then had dinner. Overall a slow Saturday.

Sunday- was good our last week of 11am church next week we move to 1:30pm which I’m not excited about... but that’s alright! We then visited with a family the Quarnbergs know from home that were here for Christmas then we went to the Laumatia’s for dinner and a meeting. We then spent the evening with the Quarnbergs and Elder Quarnberg told us more stories about his time in the navy and army. Overall a good day!

It had been a great week and I hope everyone remembered the true meaning of “Christ”mas and that you were able to enjoy time with your families. I am honored to serve Heavenly Father here in Hawaii even though it is hard to be away from my family. As we go into the New Year I challenge everyone to make a new year’s resolution and stick to it! I have made a few and look forward to what the New Year will bring. One year from now I will be preparing to return to BYU and continue my life. I can’t believe how fast time goes! I love and miss you and will talk to you next year! Ha-ha here come the New Year jokes!

Elder Shoaf

Pictures December 22, 2014: Our Pad! Finally!

Inline image 1
From da front

Inline image 3

Update December 22, 2014: Mele Kalikimaka!!!

Week 44

Aloha Everyone!
        Its a Rainy day in the low 70s here in Mililani and Wahiawa.

I Hope everyone is excited for CHRISTMAS!!!!! I so pumped to call my familyJ it has been a busy week this week and kind of chaos. We had 2 trips to Honolulu and one to Kapolei and I just found out that BYU lost their Bowl game. So that’s quite the damper on my afternoon.
            This week

            Monday- was a fun P-day fun of shopping and playing sports and games.

Inline image 1

Elder Ili and Snell acting like fools with my Camera. this will teach them:)

            Tuesday- was nerve-racking for me I gave my first training as a district leader and it was on Faith I think it went well though I didn’t have as much time as I would have like to prepare since we had breakfast with a member for Elder Lockwood’s last day. We then spent the day letting him pack then making a bunch of visits then went to the Mililani building for Basketball night! Which was AWESOME!

            Wednesday- we woke up early to sit in rush hour traffic to take Elder Lockwood to Honolulu to drop him off with the group of missionaries that are going home then we went to Pearl Harbor for service which was good. The normal guy wasn’t there so we just washed chairs and tables which was alright. We then had a pretty good afternoon getting settled into the area without elder Lockwood.

            Thursday- we had a service project with the Mililani Elders helping a senior couple clean out and organize their Lanai and Garage. It was fun and they were so grateful! We then had a pretty normal day then a great evening at the Laumatia’s!

            Friday- was a busy day in the morning we had to run over to Kapolei to the Social Security office so I could take care of some paperwork then to the same house as yesterday for service then to Honolulu to pick some things up from the Mission Office. Then did our studies then the day was basically over!

            Saturday- was awesome! We started out by playing Ultimate Frisbee with the Wahiawa 3rd ward then Choir Practice for our Christmas program on Sunday the trying to get my Christmas package home done before the Post office closed! Then made some great visits then back to the Laumatia’s for a thank you dinner for everyone who setup for the Christmas party last week.

            Sunday- was really good our Christmas program went well and no one’s ears were bleeding after we sung so that’s good… then we had a few meetings then finished the day with a great dinner at the Weiss’s house. Brother Weiss served his mission In Palmyra New York so we ended up talking about the Hill Cumorah Pageant most of the night!

Inline image 3

Elder Henderson and Snell on a rainy North shore coast.

            Overall this week was good and I learned a lot about how important it is to make sure you communicate well with those around you as well as constantly checking to make sure you are focusing on others before yourself. I am continuing to learn and grow every day and I am constantly reminded about how we know nothing. The only person that knows everything is our Heavenly Father and we have to remember that and make sure we are seeking his guidance and taking advantage of the Atonement and being Grateful that Jesus Christ made it possible for us to overcome our shortcomings and learn and grow from them.
              I hope we all take the time to remember all that has been given to us. We are so blessed and need to be grateful. At this time of year please take the time to thank those around you, thank our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for all they have done for us, and spend time with your families. I would do anything to be home for Christmas with my family but know I need to be here. I have been asked to serve the Lord for 2 years and I know it will be worth it. It already is. I never once have regretted coming on my mission and you will never regret time spend in the true meaning of Christmas with your love ones close.

I hope everyone has a great week. I Love each and every one of you and want to thank you all for supporting me and for all you have done for me.
Mele Kalikimaka!
With lots of love and Aloha,
Elder Shoaf

Pictures December 15, 2014: Christmas Party

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Not bad right?

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The Market

Inline image 3
My Basket! I'm Pretty Proud of it!

Update December 15, 2014: Road to Bethlehem

Week 43

Aloha Everyone!

What a week! It went so fast! Elder Henderson and I are settling in nicely here in Wahiawa! It is such nice weather! Never too hot never to cool! Just right! But still no snow which means it’s not Christmas... nothing super crazy new this week. I forgot pad pics this week again but will make sure to get them for next week!
This week!

Monday- was a pretty good day! We had a pretty normal P-day which included Basketball and Dodge ball of Coarse! We then had a great dinner with our Bishop’s Family at a Chinese Restaurant and the highlight was we got Elder Henderson to drink a small bowl of Hot Mustard! PricelessJ Then the Quarnbergs had us over for board games and Elder Quarnberg told us stories of when he was

Inline image 4

Bishop Ahkay and his family

Tuesday- was great we met a lot of great people and was busy in the evening with our appointments and then we helped the Mililani Elders cover a couple of theirs. We also had a great dinner with the Davis Family; they live on Schofield in a renovated Bungalow from the WW2 era which is really cool! I felt like I was in the 40s! It’s Kind of intimidating going over there though because Brother Davis is pretty high up there in the army… but it was really fun. They have all girls 5 in total the oldest is 17 and they youngest in 3 and they youngest one, Hazel and their 5 year old wanted me to get in this blow-up ball then with the help of their sisters the proceeded to roll we around. Then I almost got stuck trying to get out! It was a small ball…
Inline image 3

Me in a the Ball...

Wednesday- was a great day we spent the whole day meeting people and learning the area. Pretty normal day

Thursday- was the same for the most part but I did learn how to weave Plates and Baskets out of Coconut Frons as we prepared for our ward Christmas Party on Saturday.

Friday-Was a busy day we had a Zone meeting in the morning which went really well! Then we practiced our musical number for the Christmas Devotional Sunday night! They asked the missionaries in the Whole Stake to sing O Little Town of Bethlehem. Then that evening we went with the Mililani Elders so that I could Interview their Investigator who is got baptized on Saturday! It was really cool that was my first Interview and it went well!! He is a great guy!

Saturday- we went to Keonie’s Baptism (the one I interviewed) and it was really cool! We then did some other stuff then spent some time making our costumes for the ward Christmas party that night it was soooo cool! It was called “Journey to Bethlehem” and so everyone dressed up like they did during the time of Christ’s Birth then we decorated the Chapel like Bethlehem and the Gym was the market where you “bought your food” it was really cool! Elder Lockwood was in charge of the Census and Elder Henderson and I were Tax Collectors! But we really just gave then their “Shekels” to buy with in the Market Place! It was a lot of fun!

Inline image 2

Keonie's Baptism! (Elder Snell and Ili)

Sunday- was pretty normal then that night was the Stake Christmas Devotional and it was really really good. I LOVE Christmas time! And we didn’t sound half bad!

It has been a great week and I can’t believe Christmas is just 10 days away! I can’t wait! I hope everyone has a great week! I Miss you all and hope you are keeping warm ;)

Elder Shoaf

Update December 8, 2014: Wahiawa

Week 42
Aloha Everyone!

It has been a Crazy week! I wrapped up my time in Kalaeloa Ward and am now serving in the Wahiawa 1st ward! this is a very unique Ward because it covers Schofield Army Base which makes it interesting since we have to have our car searched and a background check each day we go on Base! it is SO Beautiful here! everything is Green! and the weather is between 65 degrees at night and 83 in the middle of the day! its perfect weather! but gets a bit cold at night… i know i know i'm complaining about 65 degrees but I've been hawaiianized!
Elder Henderson is great he's super funny and small kind crazy! imagine a Mormon version of Jack Black and that's Elder Henderson! he is from Star Valley, Wyoming and played football is high school. he loves Concerts especially classic Rock and knows how to bring fun to everything! he is doing well so far and is learning quick. you don't realize how different the culture and language is here until you get someone fresh off the plane!

This week!

Monday- was a P-day full of goodness! we played basketball for like 2 hours in the morning, hiked to the pill boxes, ate brunch, emailed and played more basketball! we then went to Boston Kine Pizza for dinner! thanks Mom! then visited a few families to say good bye.

Tuesday- i spent the whole morning Packing then an hour at the library finalizing paperwork then we had lunch with Brother Tilghman at Outback then spent the rest of the day saying good bye to as many people as i could! then stayed up till 1am finishing packing.

Wednesday- started about 5 am to shower load the car and sit in traffic for 2 hours trying to get to the Tabernacle. i was able to say goodbye to Elders Boudousquie and Shalvis and Sister Fonua who are all going home:( Then I met Elder Henderson! we found all his luggage and loaded his and mine into our new car the Wahiawa 1st Ward has a 2013 White Corolla! its super nice! Elder Lockwood is also in our Companionship. he has been serving in Wahiawa for the past 3 months and will be going home in 2 weeks so he will be with us till them showing us the area before he leaves. He took us to our pad and we spent some time unloading and unpacking. our pad is a small cottage right behind another cottage where a missionary senior couple live they work with Military Relations and stuff like that so that we can focus on teaching and that stuff. they are really Cool! Elder and Sister Quarnberg are from Utah and Elder Quarnberg is a Retired Submarine Captain! Sister Quarnberg loves to cook so she makes us cookies or candy almost daily! we also had dinner with the Perez Family who live on base and during dinner Sister Perez said “I know some Shoafs!” do you know heather? and i was shocked to learn that they know my Cousin Mark and his wife Heather when they were stationed in Texas! small world!

Inline image 1

Lifetime Supply of MREs!

Thursday-  we organized the pad, made a few visits and learned the area we also made a Costco run and got some more things for the pad. more of a get settled day than anything!

Friday- we had Zone meeting and got to know the Zone then worked on a new area map and made a few visits.

Saturday- we had a huge service Project in Haleiwa on the North Shore which is soooo beautiful! We helped clear all kinds of overgrowth, weeds, coconuts, an old shed and a TON of junk to haul off to the Landfill! it was super fun and the guys who were there to trim the coconut trees husked and cracked a coconut for everyone there to drink as a cool down! i love coconut water!  then that night we went to the Wahiawa 2nd ward’s Christmas Party which was really good! lots of great food!

Inline image 2

Fresh from the Tree Coconut Milk!

Sunday- was a great day i have church at the same time as Kalaeloa so not much change there. Sunday night we had Mission Tour which is where all the missionaries from the island met at the Mililani Stake Center and then President Warner and Elder Johnson of the Quorum of the Seventy spoke to us and trained us on teaching skills as well as how to better work with the members of our Ward! it was really good and i learned alot! it was also fun to have a 180 missionaries in one building!

Inline image 3

Elder Lockwood, Elder Henderson, Myself

Overall a Great week and i cant wait for the week to come and to learn and grow more! i look forward to what  is to come. i know i am here for a reason and the Lord is guiding me every step of the way!

I hope everyone is doing well and i love and miss you all!

Elder Shoaf

Pictures December 2, 2014

Inline image 1
Command Center of the USS Missouri! yup. I'm the Captain!

Inline image 2
Jack and Sherl on Thanksgiving! and Seriah Gomes

Inline image 1
Climbing Palm Trees

Inline image 1
Ko Olina

we are almost done with the service project for Brother Tilghman!Inline image 1

Inline image 2