Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Update December 15, 2014: Road to Bethlehem

Week 43

Aloha Everyone!

What a week! It went so fast! Elder Henderson and I are settling in nicely here in Wahiawa! It is such nice weather! Never too hot never to cool! Just right! But still no snow which means it’s not Christmas... nothing super crazy new this week. I forgot pad pics this week again but will make sure to get them for next week!
This week!

Monday- was a pretty good day! We had a pretty normal P-day which included Basketball and Dodge ball of Coarse! We then had a great dinner with our Bishop’s Family at a Chinese Restaurant and the highlight was we got Elder Henderson to drink a small bowl of Hot Mustard! PricelessJ Then the Quarnbergs had us over for board games and Elder Quarnberg told us stories of when he was

Inline image 4

Bishop Ahkay and his family

Tuesday- was great we met a lot of great people and was busy in the evening with our appointments and then we helped the Mililani Elders cover a couple of theirs. We also had a great dinner with the Davis Family; they live on Schofield in a renovated Bungalow from the WW2 era which is really cool! I felt like I was in the 40s! It’s Kind of intimidating going over there though because Brother Davis is pretty high up there in the army… but it was really fun. They have all girls 5 in total the oldest is 17 and they youngest in 3 and they youngest one, Hazel and their 5 year old wanted me to get in this blow-up ball then with the help of their sisters the proceeded to roll we around. Then I almost got stuck trying to get out! It was a small ball…
Inline image 3

Me in a the Ball...

Wednesday- was a great day we spent the whole day meeting people and learning the area. Pretty normal day

Thursday- was the same for the most part but I did learn how to weave Plates and Baskets out of Coconut Frons as we prepared for our ward Christmas Party on Saturday.

Friday-Was a busy day we had a Zone meeting in the morning which went really well! Then we practiced our musical number for the Christmas Devotional Sunday night! They asked the missionaries in the Whole Stake to sing O Little Town of Bethlehem. Then that evening we went with the Mililani Elders so that I could Interview their Investigator who is got baptized on Saturday! It was really cool that was my first Interview and it went well!! He is a great guy!

Saturday- we went to Keonie’s Baptism (the one I interviewed) and it was really cool! We then did some other stuff then spent some time making our costumes for the ward Christmas party that night it was soooo cool! It was called “Journey to Bethlehem” and so everyone dressed up like they did during the time of Christ’s Birth then we decorated the Chapel like Bethlehem and the Gym was the market where you “bought your food” it was really cool! Elder Lockwood was in charge of the Census and Elder Henderson and I were Tax Collectors! But we really just gave then their “Shekels” to buy with in the Market Place! It was a lot of fun!

Inline image 2

Keonie's Baptism! (Elder Snell and Ili)

Sunday- was pretty normal then that night was the Stake Christmas Devotional and it was really really good. I LOVE Christmas time! And we didn’t sound half bad!

It has been a great week and I can’t believe Christmas is just 10 days away! I can’t wait! I hope everyone has a great week! I Miss you all and hope you are keeping warm ;)

Elder Shoaf

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