Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Update December 8, 2014: Wahiawa

Week 42
Aloha Everyone!

It has been a Crazy week! I wrapped up my time in Kalaeloa Ward and am now serving in the Wahiawa 1st ward! this is a very unique Ward because it covers Schofield Army Base which makes it interesting since we have to have our car searched and a background check each day we go on Base! it is SO Beautiful here! everything is Green! and the weather is between 65 degrees at night and 83 in the middle of the day! its perfect weather! but gets a bit cold at night… i know i know i'm complaining about 65 degrees but I've been hawaiianized!
Elder Henderson is great he's super funny and small kind crazy! imagine a Mormon version of Jack Black and that's Elder Henderson! he is from Star Valley, Wyoming and played football is high school. he loves Concerts especially classic Rock and knows how to bring fun to everything! he is doing well so far and is learning quick. you don't realize how different the culture and language is here until you get someone fresh off the plane!

This week!

Monday- was a P-day full of goodness! we played basketball for like 2 hours in the morning, hiked to the pill boxes, ate brunch, emailed and played more basketball! we then went to Boston Kine Pizza for dinner! thanks Mom! then visited a few families to say good bye.

Tuesday- i spent the whole morning Packing then an hour at the library finalizing paperwork then we had lunch with Brother Tilghman at Outback then spent the rest of the day saying good bye to as many people as i could! then stayed up till 1am finishing packing.

Wednesday- started about 5 am to shower load the car and sit in traffic for 2 hours trying to get to the Tabernacle. i was able to say goodbye to Elders Boudousquie and Shalvis and Sister Fonua who are all going home:( Then I met Elder Henderson! we found all his luggage and loaded his and mine into our new car the Wahiawa 1st Ward has a 2013 White Corolla! its super nice! Elder Lockwood is also in our Companionship. he has been serving in Wahiawa for the past 3 months and will be going home in 2 weeks so he will be with us till them showing us the area before he leaves. He took us to our pad and we spent some time unloading and unpacking. our pad is a small cottage right behind another cottage where a missionary senior couple live they work with Military Relations and stuff like that so that we can focus on teaching and that stuff. they are really Cool! Elder and Sister Quarnberg are from Utah and Elder Quarnberg is a Retired Submarine Captain! Sister Quarnberg loves to cook so she makes us cookies or candy almost daily! we also had dinner with the Perez Family who live on base and during dinner Sister Perez said “I know some Shoafs!” do you know heather? and i was shocked to learn that they know my Cousin Mark and his wife Heather when they were stationed in Texas! small world!

Inline image 1

Lifetime Supply of MREs!

Thursday-  we organized the pad, made a few visits and learned the area we also made a Costco run and got some more things for the pad. more of a get settled day than anything!

Friday- we had Zone meeting and got to know the Zone then worked on a new area map and made a few visits.

Saturday- we had a huge service Project in Haleiwa on the North Shore which is soooo beautiful! We helped clear all kinds of overgrowth, weeds, coconuts, an old shed and a TON of junk to haul off to the Landfill! it was super fun and the guys who were there to trim the coconut trees husked and cracked a coconut for everyone there to drink as a cool down! i love coconut water!  then that night we went to the Wahiawa 2nd ward’s Christmas Party which was really good! lots of great food!

Inline image 2

Fresh from the Tree Coconut Milk!

Sunday- was a great day i have church at the same time as Kalaeloa so not much change there. Sunday night we had Mission Tour which is where all the missionaries from the island met at the Mililani Stake Center and then President Warner and Elder Johnson of the Quorum of the Seventy spoke to us and trained us on teaching skills as well as how to better work with the members of our Ward! it was really good and i learned alot! it was also fun to have a 180 missionaries in one building!

Inline image 3

Elder Lockwood, Elder Henderson, Myself

Overall a Great week and i cant wait for the week to come and to learn and grow more! i look forward to what  is to come. i know i am here for a reason and the Lord is guiding me every step of the way!

I hope everyone is doing well and i love and miss you all!

Elder Shoaf

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