Monday, December 1, 2014

Update December 1, 2014: A Week of Thanksgiving and Change

Week 41

Aloha everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great week! We have had a break in the weather and we have broken out the sweat shirts! Highs in the low 80s and lows of high 60s! Ha-ha and I’m freezing... ha-ha I’ve been hawaianized. Christmas trees and lights are now dotting the area. That’s weird. I saw a family with all of their yard stuff out fixing their sprinklers so they could water their yard… that’s not normal...

I also got BIG news Thursday Morning! IM A DAD!!!!! Well in the mission…J I am being transferred and will be training a new missionary as well as serving as a District leader! I don’t know much about my son yet expect I think his name is Elder Henderson and he is from Wyoming and Plays football! And is 5’11” 240 lbs.! A BIG kid! I am super excited but nervous. I will be serving in the Wahiawa 1st ward and the district I will be watching over is my comp and 6 other Elders in the area. What I have heard about the area is it is colder and covers half of Schofield Army Base.
In Other News I am slowly progressing on the Ukulele and getting surprisingly good at a couple songs and starting to learn to read music as well.

This week!

Monday- normal P-day Basketball, hike, sleep, dinner, shop, sleep. The usual.

Tuesday- was a pretty good day. We had our district meeting at the Kapolei elder’s pad since the sister weren’t coming I much prefer learning on a couch! They we all went to Little Caesars for lunch a caught part of Frozen on the TV there I never saw it before I left and now I regret that… we then made a lot of visits and Brother Gomes even went out with us for a while. Then we exchanged with Kapolei elders for the evening to cover some of their appointments so Elder Kelly and I got a chance to work together.

Wednesday- we had Pearl Harbor Service most of the day it was AWESOME as always! We swept the upper decks of the USS Missouri and explored in the meantime. It’s super cool to do service there because we get to go where no one else does! Then at the end they took us on a tour of the bridge, Fire control/combat area! It was super cool! We then visited a referral we got and met Gabrielle who is a Super cool lady from Albany Georgia and BOY is she Southern! She was super fun to talk to! Then we had a great dinner appointment with the Latimers and some unexpected surprises along the way! Ha-ha you will have to ask me about that at another timeJ
Thursday- was Thanksgiving! We had Choke places to eat. I felt so fat by the end of the day! We started out the morning by trying to do a service project that fell through then we went to a family’s house for a HUGE Emu 105 turkeys and hams! It was crazy! We had breakfast there. We then explored Ko Olina a bit and walked down along the coast line and the lagoons enjoying the weather,view and climbing Palm Trees! and boy oh boy did it smell like Tourists! Lots of Sunscreen and White or Lobster skin depending on how long they had been there! We then showered and headed out to the Iokia’s for lunch and had Lau Lau! Which Is BY FAR my favorite local food.J Then Brother Iokia who is a LomiLomi masseuse. (Old Hawaiian massage) Worked on me for about an hour and my neck and back feel so much better but sore. It’s really cool because before he did anything on my shoulders he worked on my core and realigned all of my ribs which releases all of the other muscles and joints in the body it’s really cool but a dying art.
We then had dinner with the St. Johns then spent the rest of the evening at the Gomes playing Ukulele and cruising enjoying company! A Great Thanksgiving!

Friday- was my 20th Birthday- Weird. But it was pretty good a pretty normal day we went to breakfast with a couple others then Finshed the deck at Brother Tilghman's it is soo cool!  then had a pretty normal day of work, visiting members and investigators.

Saturday- was a busy day we cleaned our pad for inspections then cleaned yard at the sister’s pad it hadn’t been cut in a while. We then met Jack and Sherl for a Birthday Brunch a day late then had a normal day of visits then a great dinner with one of the Part-member families in our ward!

Sunday- was a busy day of church then saying goodbyes to a lot of people I’ve gotten close to in this area then had a great mainland dinner of Pork Chops and mash potatoes!

Overall a Great week and I am stoked to go to Wahiawa but will miss it here! I am Nervous to Train a new missionary and to serve as a district leader but I know that the lord will guide me every step of the way if I follow his teachings and remain close to Christ each and every day. I know I can get though anything this life has to throw at me if I rely on the lord and listen to the Holy Ghost. Another super busy week of change ahead!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and in closing I challenge you to remember the reason for the season! We are so blessed every day and don’t show enough gratitude to our Heavenly Father for all he had given us. Also the church has Produced a beautiful short message about Christ titled #HeistheGift please if you have not seen it watch it, it is only a few minutes then share it with someone else!

The address is;

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! And remembers that it is the Spirit of “CHIRST”mas

Miss you all,
Elder Shoaf

P.S. i will send Pictures tomorrow i forgot my Camera..

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