Sunday, April 26, 2015

Update April 21, 2015: Love. Just do it!

Week 61

Aloha Everyone!

Crazy week! So fast as I say every week…

It has been such a great week here on the Beautiful North Shore of Oahu! I’m sorry I keep bringing it up but it is just so dang Beautiful here! I LOVE it sooo much!

This Week!

Tuesday- was P-day and it was a good one! We went to the temple in the morning, I think I may have told you already, but it was great and it such a peaceful place where the worries and struggles of the world just melt away as you enter. I love it so much. Then we spent the afternoon playing sports at the chapel. Pretty awesome.

Wednesday- we had District meeting first District meeting of the transfer didn’t really change just one elder and one sister. Then we went to breakfast with the zone leaders at Tita’s Grill, which is a super popular North Shore place. I love it there because they make the most amazing bread so I love the melts! Then we were able to see quite a few families and had some great visits. One of the Families is really opening up to us so we are excited to see how that goes! Then of course we had Basketball night which was awesome as always we always have such great games and had a couple of Investigators there so that was really good!

Thursday- we week-planned at the temple grounds up behind the temple it was so beautiful and nice and the grounds are so well kept. And it is so peaceful! Then we saw a couple more families trying to get the work moving.

Friday- we drove all over the place. We had to go to Kaneohe first for my rehab another good report should be 100% in a couple weeks! We then had to go to Honolulu then to Wahiawa to Schofield Army Base. The best part of the night was we had a little dinner party to Celebrate Elder Uaisele finishing his mission it was really we had a really good time!

Inline image 3

Not a bad Place to take a break!

Saturday- I was on Exchanges with Elder Mailau in Laie and boy oh boy did we have a long day! Stayed up late talking then got up early to lift then to clean at the temple grounds then walked around Laie visiting a bunch of families. It is so cool to be so close to the temple we did a lot of our lessons at the Temple Visitor center, which was really nice! We ended the day by having dinner with Trevelle and Rachel, Rachel is a member and Trevelle is getting baptized on Saturday! We are so pumped for it! We had a great lesson with him and he is really excited!

Inline image 2

Elder Mailau cleaning up leaves @ the temple

Inline image 4

I love this place:)

Sunday- was the awesome! in the H6 ward Elder Uaisele gave his homecoming talk and there were a lot of familiar faces from Honolulu there to support him so it was really good to see them!

My thoughts this week come from when Elder Mailau and I were on Exchanges we talked for 4 Hours Friday night about our missions and catching up we served together in Honolulu over a year ago. While were we talking we talked about thing we have learned and overcome and weaknesses we both still have and it was really cool we both come to an understanding that everything must be out of love. The first great commandment is to Love God then to love others. And we were talking about being a missionary and how hard it is sometimes and hard to change because we were talking about how we feel that we are faking it if we don’t understand why we do it or are just doing it out of obedience and how we are trying to come to love doing those things and do them for the right reason. Then we realized that our love for god and others would compel us to change. For example we don’t have to love getting up by 6:30am everyday and we never do we just have to do it because we love god enough to obey and do his will. This changed my perspective so much here I am trying to understand how I can love these things we are asked to obey or do but rather I missed the whole picture I just have to love God and others enough to do it and I will be blessed and grow and learn.

In closing Elder Mailau told me this and I think it is so true;
“There is no growth in the comfort zone and there is no comfort in the growth zone”

            Was not sent here to Hawaii or on a mission in fact where i would be comfortable but rather where Heavenly Father knew I would grow. If its not easy you are on the right path. Just as in lifting if I were to bench 10lbs everyday for the rest of my life I would never get stronger because I would be in my comfort zone.

            I love you all and pray that all is well and everyone has a great week. I miss you all.

Elder Shoaf

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