Sunday, April 26, 2015

Update March 16, 2015: Fun Under the Sun

Week 56

Aloha Everyone!

It has been another beautiful week here in Hauula! I can’t believe how fast time goes! Its nuts!

This week!

Monday-was a great P-day of crusin! It is such a chill atmosphere here! I love it.

Tuesday- we was awesome we went on splits 3 times! We were out with members all day! It was awesome and we got to see so many people! And then got to know the Kaka’s better. Their New Zealand accent is so cool!

Wednesday- we had Pearl Harbor service, which was a lot of fun as always. We then studied and went to our lesson with at Kahana with the kids then Basketball night with the Tongan ward. I had to sit out because of my hand but it was cool we had a lot of people come and were able get to know a couple of people!

Thursday- we had our District meeting in the morning, which went really well! It so weird to have so many sisters in our District due to the Visitor center! 8 sisters and only 4 elders! But it went well and we got to know our district a lot better! Then we headed to Kailua to a hand specialist to get a diagnoses on my hand I cut my hand pretty bad last Monday and turns out I cut the tendon in the back of my thumb so I will have surgery this Wednesday to repair it. So that’s a big bummer.

Friday- I was on Exchanges in my area with Elder Chen who is from Mainland China! He speaks Mandarin Chinese and has only been speaking English for about a year! It was a good day and pretty fun to explain things to him about the area since his English isn’t very good yet!

Saturday- was great we got to do some service at a non-profit ranch that is working on setting up a place where troubled youth can come and express themselves. They are working on a garden and all kinds of other stuff! Thy also have a bunch of animals including Horses. So I spent about 3 hours brushing and taking care of the horses then we cleaned up some rubbish and other things. It was a really nice time to just let the world go and relax!
Inline image 2

This is my Best Friend Samantha 
Inline image 1

Sabrina was getting jealous so she had to nose in..

Sunday- was chaos as always then we went to the Davis after dinner they invited a family over from the ward who has 4 boys living with them who aren’t members that are here to play Rugby for Kahuku from New Zealand and dang they are impressive. Like 2 of them are 17 and 18 and are getting looks from the All Blacks….. But it was a good time! One of them came to church with us and so we got to know them and answer any questions they have! They are going to New Zealand for spring break but hopefully we can try and meet up with them when they get back!
I Love it here so much and love serving others. I can’t believe how much I am learning a growing as well. This is our Heavenly Father’s work and I love seeing the Joy the gospel brings to the lives of others. I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break.

Elder Shoaf

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