Sunday, April 26, 2015

Update March 9, 2015: Sunshine and Saltwater

Week 55

Aloha Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and I heard it warming up for those in Indiana that’s good news! We have had a busy week here in Hauula but a fantastic one! Here are some of the highlights!

This week!

Monday- was a great day to be in Hawaii! Beautiful weather. We emailed at BYU-H the we spent the day with the Davis family which is Elder Uaisele’s family and cruised around Laie and he showed us all the hot spots then we went to get some shaved ice on the north shore and then to his son, Mone’s Football practice. Then we changed for dinner and all of that good stuff.

Tuesday- we did some service in Puna’luu helping a family in their yard which went really well then we spent the afternoon meeting families in the Samoan ward.

Wednesday- was more service we went to help Brother Davis clean yard at his neighbor’s house as a service project and it went really well. We then got changed and headed down to Kahana Valley where we had our weekly class with the Kahana kids and the Kaka’s who are in the 2nd ward are from New Zealand and their son works in the New Zealand village at Polynesian Cultural center and came to teach the kids the Haka! It was a blast! Then we had dinner then headed over to then Chapel for Basketball night with the Tongan ward which was really good! We had several people there that we are trying to teach!

Thursday- we did a bunch of paper work in the morning trying to get our feet set and figure out what we are doing then we spent the day visiting families in the 2ndward and talked to this family that lives on some beautiful land about 100 yards from the beach and he works on the set of Hawaii 5-0 and has done some major movies like Jurassic park and others! It was really cool to hear about it all!

Friday- we went out with some members of the Tongan ward and were able to see several families and I almost got eaten by a dog but that’s another story…. Also interesting thing about Hawaii there are multiple houses at each address such as 61A, B, C and they are just one behind another and no one has yards obviously… but I thought I had seen it all till we found an address that was ay 93-434 V… yes… that’s 22 but then we drive all the way back and it goes all the way to Z… 26 houses at one address.. This is also where I almost got eaten… we then went to the Kaka’s house and talked to them quite a bit got to know them and they are from New Zealand as I said but he has to have the quickest engagement ever.. on the way home from his mission in California he had a layover in Hawaii and he saw the girl he had dated before his mission but she wasn't waiting for him well by the end of the night he was engaged and decided to get married in 6 months. Then he flew home to New Headland and decided he couldn't wait so she flew down there and they were married the next week……. Talk about moving fast… haha they are super cool all of their sons play rugby and are ridiculously good.

Saturday- we spent the morning at the temple cleaning the grounds then we went up to Kuhuku to help a member of the 2nd ward paint a shipping container that they are opening up a skate shop in. that’s classic Hawaii style. Containers and food trucks!  No need buildings! Then we had a couple great visits in the Tongan ward.

Sunday- was nothing new. Crazy long but awesome then a few good visits then dinner.
Today- we went on a hike and took a bunch of pictures. The “Keep the country country!” Signs are fighting a bill that they are trying to pass to allow development in Laie and the north shore. Super cool.

Inline image 1

Keep the Country Country!
Inline image 2

A little sunshine and saltwater for ya!;)

Overall a super busy but awesome week. I love serving the lord and serving his children here in Hawaii. It is a blessing and I love it. It’s so satisfying helping people see how Christ can bless their life!

Hope all is well!

Elder Shoaf

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