Sunday, April 26, 2015

Update April 14, 2015: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Week 60

Aloha Everyone!

I feel like I say this every week but this week went sooo fast! Craziness…

It has been a beautiful week with light drizzles and such but overall all good.

The big news this week was transfers. Elder Faitau is Osi! (Done) he is back home in Missouri and now My Comp is Elder Morco. He is Pilipino and speaks fluent Tagalog. He was born and raised in the Philippines till he was 10 then moved to California. He is currently living in Stockton, which is near San Francisco. He’s super cool. Kind of crazy haha. He is a bit older, 25, but he’s awesome.

Highlights of this week.

Monday- we had a great Dinner with the Prescott’s. They are a younger family he is from here, she is from Brazil and they met on their mission and they hated each other! Haha then well the rest is history. They have 3 adorable little kids who all speak both Portuguese and English. It’s pretty cool.

Tuesday- I had rehab and my Thumb is doing really well! Far above expectations so that was awesome news! Then spent the day letting Fatiau pack and say goodbye.

Wednesday- was transfers! Got to see a lot of Elders I haven’t seen in a While including my Trainer Elder Miller this is the first time he has been back on Oahu since he trained me a year ago! It was really good to see him and a couple other elders. Then I Showed Elder Morco around the area a bit and let him unpack!

Thursday & Friday- More introductions for Elder Morco VERY Slow days

Saturday- was a really good day we did some service for Mike Oberle we have been helping him come back to church and get to the temple and he’s so awesome! He has a bunch of land so we went out to help him out. Cut Bananas, Pick Coconuts, Husk Coconuts, move some stuff, and build a Paver Sidewalk for his mom! It was so much fun and good to be out getting dirty!

Sunday- was awesome as well we had several people a church that haven’t been there in a while or aren’t members so it went really well! They asked us to teach Gospel Principles Class and we had a fantastic Lesson on faith and how it is the Foundation to all that we do.

Yesterday- wasn’t our P-day to day was we went to the Temple this morningJ so yesterday we had 2 service projects. The first was cutting up a limb that fell across a member’s driveway the second was helping an Aunty move. They both went really well then we had to go to Honolulu. Elder Morco had a doctor’s appointment then we had to make a Stop in Ewa Beach to drop some things off for the Missionaries there. I forgot how much I hate Honolulu traffic…. It took us an Hour to go 5 miles…
 Inline image 3

Crusin' down Kam Hwy in the Freebarin's Truck!

Its crazy how much you learn even when you don’t know you are. I am so grateful to be a missionary for the Church and to see the Growth in others and in myself. It can be really hard sometimes but I’m grateful for the gospel and for Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me. As we go into this next week I challenge you to ponder what he has done for you. Just as we can find fault in someone if we look hard enough we can see the blessings that we have been given. We just simply have to be looking for the Positive. I am a strong believer that things turn out the way you want them to. If you look for the bad all you find will be bad and you will hate everything and one. But if you look for the good in others, the place around you, in yourself. You will see what our Heavenly Father sees in each of us. Regardless of what we decide to see our Heavenly Father always sees the good and will always see the best in us. Its merely just about Perspective.
 Inline image 1

The Zone this Morning at the Temple!

Inline image 2

Snagged this picture a coupe nights ago...

I hope you will all see the joy around you this week and all is well.

With Love,
Elder Shoaf

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