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Update April 27, 2015: The Steez

Week 62

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a fantastic week here in the middle of the Ocean! Lots of rain but we don’t have to worry about flooding because we are on an Island… haha nothing too crazy happened this week but we have been so blessed and seen the Lord’s hand in what we do!

This week!
            So much to talk about but I’ll keep it short.
            Monday- was a great P-day highlight was we rode in the Steez…. which stand for style and ezz. Yes it does exist. So the Steez is an old beat up dodge van painted real nice with coaches for benches and no reverse… its owned by a BYUH student and she will give people rides where ever they need to go but you have to push the van out of its spot… then whoever rides in the Steez gets to sign the inside! So 6 of us Elders rode in the Steez up to Waimea Bay and back, a one-of-a-kind experience for sure!

Inline image 1

Pushing out the "Steez"Inline image 2

Cruzin' Local style
Inline image 3

The Steez...

            Tuesday- we went to Kahana Valley with the Borsella’s to volunteer in the garden there… but this is no average garden. Big enough to feed the whole valley! Everything from taro to bananas to sweet potato to mango to guava to coconut and everything in-between! It was fun we spread mulch around the taro in the taro patch. I love working out in nature especially here in Hawaii where you can literally cut a branch off a Plumeria tree and bury it and it will grow into another tree…

            Wednesday- I had rehab in the morning and it went really well! All done! All is good and I can count to 10 again! Then we had to get a flat tire fixed driving a car on a spare just looks ridiculous! We then taught our weekly class to all the kids in Kahana and it went really well we talked a lot about courage and standing up for what’s right! Then of course all kinds of fun at Basketball night!

            Thursday- we went down to Kahana Garden again with Elders Mailau and Chen and we may be four different Ethnicities work is work! (Tongan, Chinese, Filipino, and me…) we had some great fun while we worked, picked some coconuts, spread some more mulch, chased and caught one of the ducks, and picked some papaya. You know normal Thursday morning Haha. We then saw a couple less-active families and one of them details cars for a living so he helped us detail our car for car inspections tomorrow and dang it looks good! Buffed and waxed and everything!
            Friday- we had Zone Conference all day which was really good. It is such a blessing to have President and Sister Warner come and spend the day with us and discuss what we can do better and to grow as missionaries. We also got to see the Purcell’s, they are a less-active family and Vosa, the wife, isn’t a member or her brother that lives with them. They were really open. We have talked story with them before but never much gospel but they are really open to having us teach them so we are pumped for that!

            Saturday- was controlled chaos. All three wards of ours had 8 year-old baptisms so we went to all three of those then had breakfast at the Fuluvaka’s with the H6 Tongan ward then went to a convert baptism. Elder Mailau and Hathaway have been teaching this guy named Tre and he come to basketball night and we got to go to his baptism it was really good! Then we helped a family move then the Tongan ward had an Eating at the beach park. Here they aren’t parties they are eating’s because that’s pretty much all you do… then to visit a few families then dinner… So. Much. Food. It was kind of ridiculous. It’s a love-hate relationship between food and I!
Sunday- was jammed as well. Church, church, church then some paper work then we had a lesson with a guy who recently is coming back to church and his girlfriend is interested in the church so we met with them and got to know them! Then we had dinner then went over to the Kaka’s to hang out. The oldest two boys left this morning to go to Japan to do some Promotion shows for PCC for three weeks. They both dance in the New Zealand village at PCC. So we hung out with them and their family. I love that family so much! They are great. Basically my family away from home here.

            I have been so blessed this week. I am really starting to see all the love. Love is so powerful and it can turn bad into good. Weather its love for someone for the gospel or for the place around you it’s so great to see how much our Heavenly Father Loves us. We are his children and he loves us so much! I’m so grateful for this beautiful place in which I am privileged to serve and the people I get to love and work with. It is such a blessing to have true happiness that only the Gospel of Jesus
Christ can bring. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.

 I will attach a link for a great video that we have been sharing with a few families. While you watch it think about how this father represents our Heavenly Father and we are the little children. I’m so grateful for an amazing father who has blessed my life so much and taught me so much here in this world and for my father in Heaven.

Love you all,

Elder Shoaf

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