Sunday, May 31, 2015

Update May 26, 2015: Happy Memorial Day!

Week 66

Aloha Everyone!

This will be quick because I don’t have a lot of time but this week has been a fantastic as always! I am loving every week more and more and it keeps getting harder and harder to think about leaving this place! I love it so much.

Anyway the highlights.

Tuesday- was temple trip! Pretty awesome as always I love having one so close!

Wednesday- was transfers a lot of the companionships in the zone changed. Actually only 2 didn’t and we are one of them! Another 6 glorious weeks here! Highlight was we had a great lesson with Isaiah and are pumped to meet with him again tomorrow! He is doing so well! Then of course basketball!

Thursday- was another great day we finished painting those stairs then had a great lesson with Vosa’s Family!

Friday- service at the Kaka’s of course! More of just taming the Jungle…
Saturday- was controlled chaos bouncing around one end of our area to the other then we went to a wedding reception in the Samoan ward it was pretty epic! The bride and groom both have worked at PCC for years so we had a lot of people come and preform from the villages. It was awesome! Not going to lie Polynesian weddings make White weddings seem like funerals…. Haha they are so much fun!!! And on such a grand scale. This was a small wedding and there were 400 people there and it was 3 hours… yeah that’s small…

Inline image 1

"Small" Wedding

Monday- we went to play basketball with our ward at and I rolled my ankle 2 minutes in… kinda a damper on the day but then ibuprofen saved the day and we went hiking with the sisters! I have never taken so many picture on a hike…

I hope you all have a wonderful week! In closing I just want to say how much I love this gospel and the joy and happiness itr brings to peoples lives. We had a family lose their father this week. He drowned while diving they have 2 teenage girls and it was so tragic but the ward has taken them in and the gospel gives us the reassurance that death is not the end. There is life after death. And when we are sealed as families in the temple we have a promise from god that we will be together forever.

 Inline image 2

I bet them the couldn't do it and they did it!
Inline image 3

Its a race to the top!

I love and miss you all.
Elder Shoaf

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