Sunday, May 31, 2015

Update May 4, 2015: Miracle May!

Week 63

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a Fan-dang-tabulous week here in Hau’ula! I am just on cloud nine! I love it here I love why I’m here I love what I’m doing here. I just wish you were all here… This week has been crazy nuts full of service, which I love! And I just realized I didn’t take a single picture this week of any of it… sorry! And it softens so many hearts! But I wont spoil the fun!

            This week!
            Monday- we went to the BYU-H Gym in the morning to workout with the Fuluvaka Boys. We try to go three times a week because it’s such a great start to the day! Get a good solid sweat in for an hour and a half and get done and its still only 7am! Pretty awesome. It’s hard to get up but it is always worth it! Then we kind of just had a chiller P-day nothing to crazy.
            Tuesday- we had to run to Honolulu in the morning for Elder Morco’s Doctor appointment. I really like Honolulu a big piece of me is there my first 6 months of memories. But I really don’t miss the traffic after being up here in the North Shore. Then we had a couple of great lessons! We met with this Filipino Guy named Jard who had been away from the Church for 10 years but wants to come back and his GF isn’t a member and really sweet! Great teaching opportunity there! We are pumped to get to work with both of them!

            Wednesday- we had Zone Meeting in the morning and we talked about a goal of 100 baptisms that President Warner has set for the Mission for the Month of may! Which is about 25% more than our average! We are pumped! We are calling it Miracle May and our Goal fro Laie is to get 8 of those! So we talked about how we wanted to go forth with that and one thing we talked about was having everyone fast for Missionary opportunities! So as a Zone we are doing a fast where each companionship takes one day of the month so that someone is fast each day of the month! Then we took it even bigger. We asked each ward to do the same. There are 5 stakes here… that’s over 45 wards! So over 45 people fasting everyday of the month for Missionary opportunities! We are so excited!

Inline image 1

Elder Morco and I Made Planner covers for the Zone! We are pretty happy with how they came out! Top is the front bottom is the Back!
Inline image 2

            Thursday- we spent almost the whole day at the Freebairn’s house they are getting their house ready to sell and needed some help getting the house ready before the appraiser came so we helped out with a couple ward members, painting, cleaning, and I did a lot of the woodworking that needed fixed. Trim, Cabinets, railings, siding whatever we could do to help the house back to great shape. And did I mention they live in a geodescent dome? It’s pretty cool.

            Friday- we had service in the morning at the Kaka’s cutting up a bunch of brush and trimming trees and will have a ton more this week of the same thing there! We also had a couple of great visits with some of the people we are working with and are seeing progress and, man, I love these people. There is no greater work than helping people improve their lives and helping them finds happiness. It’s such a wonderful opportunity!

            Saturday- started at 6am with Basketball worth the Tongan ward. Yes, twice a week now! Since they have chapel cleanup this month we paly ball for an hour then clean the chapel! Isn’t that a great way of getting people there to clean? Sucker them inJ then we spent the rest of the morning at Mike’s helping him clean up his property, cut bananas, clean coconuts. You know the normal stuff. Then we finished the day at Bishop Touli’s with a very proper Samoan dinner. The culture is so cool but crazy at the same time. Just the level of respect in the Polynesian cultures is so great!

            Sunday- was long as always but really good! All three of our wards are on board and pumped for the fast and we are seeing so much success! Last night we had a great visit with a non-ember family and a couple of the ward members came and we are really excited to start to work with this family!

            Man, I love it so much here. The gospel brings sooo much joy to my life and its so neat to see it bless others. The people here have so much love and charity. Some live in homes that we would call shacks or sheds at home or in a tent and they would still give you everything they have. They understand the gospel so well and it has been such a humbling experience as to how faithful and giving they are with so little.

I hope everyone is doing well and I will send some sunshine your way if I canJ

Love and miss you all!

Elder Shoaf

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