Sunday, May 31, 2015

Update May 19, 2015: Service, BBQs, and Apostles of God

Week 65

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a wonderful here! Lots of service lots of fun lots of teaching and 2 of the twelve apostles… Yeah. But more on that later!

This week!

            Monday- was a fun and very full day! First off we hiked up a rock formation called crouching lion! We an amazing view of Kahana Valley and Bay! Pictures will follow!:) Then we went down to Kualoa Ranch and did the movie tour. It was pretty epic! We got to see where they filmed some very well known movies including 50 first dates, Jurassic Park, LOST, Hawaii 5-0, and more. It was pretty cool! Then we threw a BBQ at the Beach Park for the Zone and then Basketball at the Stake Center.

Inline image 3

The Egg from Jurassic Park!

            Tuesday- we had service at Kahana Valley in the Garden Helping Aunty Selu again then we went to the BYUH Devotional where Elder Nelson and Oaks of the Quorum of the 12 were there along with Sister Burton the General RS President, Elder Hallstrom of the 70, all three BYU presidents (BYU Provo, BYUI, and BYUH), and many other big faces. What’s the occasion? They announced the release of the BYUH president and introduced the new one! It was pretty cool to see them all!

Inline image 2
Elder Nelson, Elder Oaks, Elder Hallstrom, then in the back Stake Presidents, Mission President and Temple President. it was Pretty Awesome!

            Wednesday- we had District meeting and played Missionary Jeopardy it was pretty awesome! Then service then a couple great lessons. The biggest was Isaiah. He is progressing so well! We are excited to keep going with him! Then they made us Corned beef and Breadfruit. Both of which are AMAZING for all those who haven’t had it. I love breadfruit! Then we got back to our pad and Elders Hathaway and Mailau were there and needed a ride home. Some how Elder Mailau managed to “Taco” the front tire of his bike… yeah like folded it in half jumping off a curb… never gets old the things missionaries manage to do. We also did service at Mikes again. The usual Coconuts, Bananas, cutting brush and even picked some Lychee. Which is fruit of the gods! Soooo good!

            Thursday- I was sick as a dog… there is this virus going around that just kills you… and Thursday was the worst day of it. And I was on Exchanges in the other ward so that was fun sick and not even in my own area, which mean not my own bed… it was a long day…

            Friday- we went ham and turkey on the over growth at the Kaka’s. We ended up with a pile of Brush 30ft x 10ft x 10ft after just the past two weeks. But it looks so much better! Still more to do though.  Then we helped an aunty that lives across the street from us go through a bunch of stuff and sort for a Garage sale. Found some pretty cool stuff including a lot of late 1800s hand tools. They were pretty cool!

            Saturday- we helped a less-active lady in our ward rebuild the step to her deck. Her Husband and her were both diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks apart in January so we try our best to go over and help out as much as possible! Then we made a few visits but that filled most of our day!

Inline image 1

New steps that we ripped out and replace... not bad for a couple missionaries! 

            Sunday- was long day another bad day with the virus. Church then I went to bed! And never woke back up… haha

            This week was a full week of service, which I love. Its such a great way to serve in the community and you can see the difference! The joy that it brings to people makes it all worth it. In that theme I saw this new Mormon message called Lift that is about a ward serving a single lady in their ward with Multiple sclerosis. It’s really touching and really shows of Christ. Please watch it!!!!!!


I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day. It is such a blessing to be serving our Heavenly Father and the people here. I love this work and I love this people.

Elder Shoaf

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