Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update June 1, 2015: Grace Miller

Week 67

Aloha Everyone!

Another week gone already… I feel like I emailed yesterday! Time goes so incredibly fast. I hit my 16-month mark on Friday. Kind of crazy. 2/3rds the way done. I will be home in what feels like a few days!  This past was full and so many tender mercies.

This week!
         Monday- Basketball, hike, and PCC like I said last week.

         Tuesday- we did a service project for a family in the ward. You cant have anything nice here in Hawaii. In a year it will either be rotten or rusted through. The between the salt water, always warm temps, and the bug and termites. Nothing stands a chance! Kind of sad. Anyway we showed them how and helped them replace them before the roof collapsed. We then had a really cool experience with a Lady Named Grace. But we will get to that in a minute! We also went to the chapel for the Samoan wards senior Banquet. Can’t believe another year is gone! I graduated 2 years ago!

         Wednesday- we had a Zone meeting, which went really well then studied on the temple grounds. Pretty cool opportunity in having a temple so close!

         Thursday- was a hosh-posh day. Nothing too crazy, kind of a slower day but we did have a great visit with Lei and her family as well as the Auteles!

         Friday- was really fun we went down to Kaaawa Elementary School to watch their May-day Performance with Brother Kaka all of the Kids in our Class at Kahana on Wednesdays were in it so we went to support them! It is so cool how much Culture is a part of the way of life here. I love it!

         Saturday- we went to 2 baptisms in the morning then did some service for Mike as well as the Freebarin’s then we had a great lesson with the Fale family. We played some trumps with them then it turned into a gospel conversation and it was cool to see them answer their own concerns/troubles as we asked them questions.

         Yesterday- was full of church then I swear all we did from 5-9 was eat. Literally every house we went to we ate… and that’s how the week ended… eating till you drop.

         So More on Grace! Tuesday Night we Met Elder Mailau and Liavaa at the Shopping center to eat and while we are sitting outside eating Elder Mailau grabs me and we walk into Subway and sit down with this girl from his ward. He introduces me to her then tells me that she has a friend in our area that is interested in talking the lessons. So we talk about her for a bit and we are getting ready to go and we notice that she seems upset so we sit back down and she opens up and starts crying and says she has been going though a lot of pain, her husband is deployed, and she’s home sick since she’s here in Hawaii by herself and she said she never wanted to come to subway she just wanted to be alone but she came anyway then we walked in and we were an answer to her prayers. She was so grateful we had come to say hi and show her that heavenly father is hearing her prayers. We then shared with her some words of comfort and counsel and said a prayer with her and left. We were so touched to have been an answer to her prayer. Later that night I texted her some things to read and she responded and said that we showed her that heavenly Father does care about her.

         These Moments are what makes the Grind of everyday worth it. I had no idea why I was meeting this lady and Elder Mailau just simply wanted to introduce me. But heavenly father knows each of us. He led us there to see her not to benefit us but to answer her prayer. It was such a powerful experience to be a tool in Heavenly Father’s hand. I can promise you Heavenly Father knows each of you by Name and knows what you are going through. That was confirmed to me once again Tuesday night. This gospel has changed my life and it is incredible to see how much it blesses those around us.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Shoaf

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