Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update June 8, 2015: David and Goliath for Real

Week 68

Aloha Everyone!

What a week. Yes David and Goliath… more later. I can’t believe how fast time goes. Being here without the seasons really messes with me! Just yesterday it was snowing and it was Christmas and today it is summer back home and my Baby sister has graduated High school and will make my Parents Empty Nesters in 10 days… Meanwhile the weather never changes here. It has been beautiful weather this week but is getting hotter and by that I mean high 80s.

This week’s Highlights!

         Monday- we had a blast on a “45-minute” hike that was actually 7 hours… we were told the trail led to a reservoir but in fact it went to the ridgeline of Kahana Valley 1400ft in Elevation and by the time we realized it we said why not and went all the way. Bad Idea but worth it the last 400 yards of the trail was basically vertical and nothing but mud with roots to hang on to! It was epic! But ate the whole day…

Inline image 3
1400 ft up!

         Tuesday- was a lot less crazy. But still adventurous. We Helped Mike at his house and he taught me how to climb with Spikes! Look out Coconut trees! Tuesday Night we had our first rehearsal for David and Goliath. I was asked to play Goliath for the Visitor Center’s Story time that they do for the Kids each Friday during the summer. So we had our first rehearsal it went really well!

Inline image 1
Climbing a Mountian apple Tree! 
Inline image 2
Mountain Apples and Lychee and a coconut

         Friday- we had a wonderful day! This morning was the big day! STORY TIME! It went pretty well and all of the kids loved it except on of the real young ones... I scared him… so he cried… I felt bad… haha. We did our weekly service at the Kaka’s helping them. This week we cleaned out the carport and fixed one of the Columns. Then Friday night we Caught Vai home!!! A Part member family we have been trying to meet with for weeks! We finally caught them home! We had a wonderful lesson and a great dinner!
         Saturday- we had a huge service project in Punaluu valley we had 19 missionaries there and we cleared some clogs in the old Hawaiian Aqueduct system that supplies the Farm lands of the valley with water so that was a lot of shoveling but the water felt great! Then we spent some time down at the Beach Park at a Birthday Party and had a couple great contacts!
         Sunday- was excellent as well. Church was awesome as always then we had a great lesson with Jard then an even better one with Leki! We are so pumped to see him progress!

Another wonderful week doing the best thing in the world. Serving others. The Church is true and the gospel has blessed my life so much. I have been blessed so much and learned so much.

Have a great week!

Elder Shoaf

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