Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update July 21, 2015: Rain, Rain, Rain

Weeks 74

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a very busy week as usual. It is crazy how fast time flies when you are busy. It has rained soo much here lately. Great for us, terrible for tourists. Haha

This week!

Monday- was a pretty good P-day we did the usual. Basketball, email, Hub. ( game center at BYU with Ping-Pong, bowling, and pool).

Tuesday- we had our studies and then worked a little bit more on cleaning our old pad getting it ready to close then went to Guy’s property we are nearly cleared now. Can’t wait to get it done! I’ll send pictures next week. Then the Tuifua’s who live behind Guy’s Property fed us. Much appreciated. Then we went home showered and then had to go to our dinner early. After dinner we went to a baby blessing in Laie in one o f the sisters wards that they asked us to cover for them. It went really well a lot of the family is not members or less active so it was a good visit for them. And they have the most beautiful lot in Laie. Literary right in front of the temple.

Wednesday- we had District meeting first thing, which went really well we did a lot of role-play, which really seemed to help the sisters. Then we had a lesson with Rosemary and set her with a Baptismal date for August 8th!!! Super pumped! Then we had lunch with the Trautman’s from Wahiawa! Good to see them! We ate Lunch at Tita’s Grill then went through the Visitor Center. We also had our weekly Kahana Class, which went well then a great dinner with the Fetzer’s then Basketball night!
Thursday- was full of service first out to the Kaka’s helping get the place ready for them to get back! Then the family that is renting the vacation rental came up and asked us if we could trim one of the coconut trees because they coconuts are falling on the Sidewalk so I went to Mike’s to borrow his climbing spikes and then climbed 45ft and cut about 14 frons and 60 coconuts! That is a work out or as the Samoans call it “Tree90x” sorry no pictures were taken:( then we went to Guy’s and finished clearing the lot!!!!! So glad to be done! Then we cut the grass at our pad then washed out car for Car inspections tomorrow!

Friday- was Zone Conference. Super awesome but so much! 8 hours long by the end my brain was fried. Lots of good training and a amazing lunch.  Then we had our first weekly Friday night basketball, which is for the whole zone to bring people to. Less-actives and non-members.  A little sparse but as word gets around it will grow!

Saturday- we helped the Fetzer’s in their yard. They are both in there latter years so we helped them weed and mulch and some other things like that that are hard for them to handle. We then made a couple good visits.

Sunday- was much better than previous weeks; they fixed the A/C at the chapel! Church was the usual then dinner with the kaka’s and then the Fuluvaka’s for FHE!

Not a huge message this week. I just challenge you all to watch the Mormon message “The Refiner’s Fire” it really gives you a better outlook of trials and setbacks.

And I will leave you with a Quote;

 Inline image 1

I love you all,
Elder Shoaf

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