Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update June 22, 2015: Another Week of Summer Burned

Week 70

Aloha Everyone!

It has been a good week. Nothing too crazy going on but boy oh boy it is getting hot over here! high of 95 today! Not really much this week to report on. But ill run though the week real quick.

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All of the Laie Elders with Elder Mailau on his last day!

         Monday- was a normal pros day due to temple trip tomorrow.

         Tuesday- was an awesome trip to the temple. Saw the Vincents and had a good P-day!

         Wednesday- we had district meeting then we helped out at the BYUH Book store for a few hours helping them inventory! Easiest service I’ve done! It was even air-conditioned! Then we had a couple of great lessons that night!

         Thursday- went to the Bookstore again and we finished up the inventory! Then helped Mike out for a bit then more visits.

         Friday- made a lot of visits, a lot of people not home…

         Saturday- we had ward parties in both the Tongan ward and Samoan ward so we were with the Tongan ward in the early afternoon then the Samoan ward in the evening! It was really good ate a lot of good food and a couple of the people we are working with came!!!! So we were pumped for that.

         Sunday- was Fathers day! Happy Father’s day to all of you old men out there! Then more visits!

         Sorry I don’t have a big message this week. Just keep going, keep fighting, and keep growing.

I love you all and hope you enjoy the last week of June!

Elder Shoaf

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