Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update June 16, 2015: Friends, Family, and Flu

Week 69

Aloha Everyone!

This week went from great to bad to worse to awful then to awesome! Why? Because I died… I swear. I had the plague… so it will be a pretty quick email I think…

This week!

         Monday- was awesome! Went on a pretty awesome hike with some elders and sisters then Bowled at “The Hub” on campus then played some awesome Basketball!

         Tuesday- was Death Day I. my body shut down on me and so I got a blessing then we went over to the Borsella’s Pad and they looked over us and I slept on their bed because mine sucks and is too short! I did however muster up enough energy to go to my interview with president and it went well! I talked to him about my release date and instead of Jan 29th I will be coming home Dec 30th! So that I can make it back for winter semester at BYU! T-minus 6 Months and change! Craziness…

         Wedneasday- Death Day II. 103 Fever. Nough said.

         Thursday- Death Day III. Still in a state of death.

         Friday- Recovery day I. didn’t leave the pad still but on the mends. At least no more dying!

Inline image 1

Ridiculous amounts of Lychee on the tree outside my old pad in Wahiawa....thats soooooo much!

         Saturday- Recovery day II. Had my first food since Monday, ham and cheese sandwich. Also got out of the pad some saw a few people but still super tired. But I was glad I was able to make it out. Elder Mailau announced to the Zone that he would be returning home on Monday…. He has somethings he has to take care of and we were all so sad and heart broken but he was at peace with it. I am so grateful to him for the example he has been to me and all that he has done for me! My Tongan Brother for life. I would and will do anything for that man.

Inline image 3
Mailau and I. 

         Sunday- long day of church. Longest I’ve been up all week so after church I crashed!

         Monday- was not P-day due to today being temple trip. But it was still pretty awesome! I got to see my Uncle Jed who went to BYU here in the 90s so he came to visit! It was fun to be able to catch up with him!

         Today- then today I got to see the Vincents!!! They are here on vacation and I saw them outside the temple when we were coming out!!!! Planning on meeting up with them later to go to PCC! So weird to see people I know… but its fun!

Inline image 2
Tyler and I outside the temple!!!

         Just a quick message this week. In honor of Elder Mailau. One of his favorite sayings and a quote that has changed my mission.

“ Live you life in such a way that people who don’t know Jesus Christ but know you will want to Jesus Christ because of who you are”.
I love this quote and will refrain fro giving my understanding or interpretation but instead challenge you to find your own. The Gospel has changed, is changing, and will forever change lives. I am so grateful for my Savior and redeemer and how much I have changed because of his gospel and his example. I have witnessed that change in Elder Mailau over the last 17 months. He has gone from a kid on vacation with little care of the gospel, to a man who not only knows and believes it but also lives it and is an example of it. I love each and every one of you and hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Shoaf

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