Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update January 7, 2015: Remember How Blessed We Are!

Week 46

Aloha Everyone!

This week had been chaos! I feel like I haven’t emailed since last year… Sorry this is coming so late! We have been packed all weekend! We helped two families move both on base. The first was Saturday and Monday, they moved to a one story she is pregnant and keeps falling down the stairs from passing out so they went to a one story house. The second, their house got hit by a huge tree on Friday! We had a wicked wind and rain storm. The roads looked like a tornado had come through on Saturday morning. The top of two 100ft trees snapped off and fell on the house through the roof and so the Army gave them a new house to move to. So we helped them all day yesterday get everything moved!

This week was a great week though! New Year’s was fun and the fireworks were incredible! One house had a chain of Firecrackers that lasted 20 minutes!

This week;

Monday- we went on base with Elder Ili to shop. He has a dependent military ID so we can shop on base for A LOT cheaper. And no taxesJ then we hung out at their pad and played games and then emailed till dinner with the Garrido’s he is a professional Chef so let’s just say the Burgers were pretty dang good.

Tuesday- we had a great District meeting and I am starting to love being a district leader because you learn so much about the gospel preparing for my trainings! I was with Elder Ili on Exchanges so it was fun to be back with him since we came out together! We had a blast and had a couple of great lessons!

Wednesday- I was on exchanges again but with Elder Wahlberg this time! And it was New Year’s Eve so we only worked till 4 then met the Zone at the chapel to watch Despicable Me 2!!! It was a lot of fun then we hung out with elder Ili and Snell till Midnight then watched and smelled the Black powder!

Inline image 1

One of our families has Camellias

Thursday- we had the day off so the Assistants to the President made up a Scavenger hunt for each zone to do and it was a competition and we WON!!! Mililani is numba 1!!! Then we spent the afternoon and evening at the Stake center playing basketball and Dodge ball with the zone. And I think we all have some battle scars from sliding on the gym floor… and bruises. It was so much fun though! I can’t believe its 2015! That’s nuts!

Inline image 2

Our Zone spelling Mililani using a GIANT Tiki head!

Friday- Jack and Sherl rod the bus over from Nanakuli and we went to lunch with them it was really good to see them! Then I had to do a bunch of District Leader Paperwork then made a few visits then the storm rolled in so we called it and spent the evening playing games with the Quarmbergs and listened to Elder Quarmberg tell War stories through power outages.

Saturday- we played ultimate in the morning amidst the lingering rain then spend the day helping the Trautman’s move till our Interviews with president Warner then headed back over to the Trautman’s to set up beds and move furniture where they wanted it. They are from North Carolina and love guns and outdoors so we had plenty to talk about!

Sunday- our church isn’t till 1:30 now so we did studies then went to meetings all morning then church then dinner with the Kauhi’s I love going over there! A good wind down for a busy weekend.

Monday- we spent a good portion of the day helping the Troutman’s unload boxes and organize then we had about 15mins to email till we went to the Dole Planation and went through 2008’s world’s largest maze! It was pretty dang cool. Then we ate pineapple ice cream then headed to dinner with the Perez’s then to the Nelsons to box up their house.

Inline image 4

Da Maze!

Tuesday- we had district meeting then spent the rest of the day till late moving the Nelsons to their new house. The old one is totaled! I’ll send pictures!

Overall a great week. The thoughts I have this week are simple. We have to be grateful for what we have been given and see the good in all and always have a positive attitude. The Nelson’s lost their home and half of their belongings and haven’t slept in 3 days and were still thanking everyone for helping and were so grateful that the concrete walls held up Brother Nelson was in the bedroom when the tree fell on the house and could have easily been killed. I fell we often jump to negativity or “woe is me to” fast. We must see the greater good in all and remember how blessed we truly are.

We all have homes, we have our families, we have food and clean water, we live in a free country, and most of all we have a Loving Heavenly Father who loves us so much that he sent his son to make it possible to return to live with our Eternal Family and our Heavenly Father. We are so blessed to know our brother and Savior, Jesus Christ. Through him we can do all things.

I am so grateful to be in a position to be able to not worry about anything but serving our go and his children. It is a blessing to be able to drop everything and to spend a couple days serving others without any other worries. Charity is the pure love of Christ and that is where we find joy. I hope everyone had a great start to another fantastic year and remember how much we have been blessed.

I love you all.

Elder Shoaf

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