Sunday, February 15, 2015

Update February 2, 2015: Sliding the Backside Towards Home

Week 50!

Aloha Everyone! 

          I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! It has been a wonderful week here in Hawaii. Thursday was my Year mark and I officially have more days behind me than in front of me. It feels so good! but scary how fast it went!

This week!

          Monday- i went to Honolulu in the morning to have our mission doctor to look at the infection on my knee. And she decided to sent me to the doctor so we made an appointment for Wednesday. We then went back to Mililani to hang out and do P-day stuff.

          Tuesday- was a pretty slow day but we were able to catch a family that hasn't been to work for years, it went really well and i think they wont to start going to church again they both work Nights so that makes it difficult. But im excited to work with them!

          Wednesday- today started off with my appointment in Honolulu with the doctor and she took one look at me knee and told me it was staph... so that wasn't the best news. she also said it was too far along to take antibiotic pills so i had to get an IV of Antibiotics for an hour then have proceeded to have to go back every morning since. I don't understand how people can commute to work everyday! I hate it! it takes about an hour and a half to get to Honolulu in morning rush hour and I've had to go every morning... sick of it! on the bright side it looks alot better! Then the rest of the day was kind of a bust but it happens. I also picked up two new suits! im pumped for them!
          Thursday- today was the big year mark so Elder Ili and i were on Exchanges together for the occasion so he went with me to Honolulu then we had to take care of some things to prepare for Friday's Zone Conference but were able to make a few visits! then after dinner we went out the the Wailua Chapel to Burn our shirts with Elder Lee Chip Sao who also came out with us. we decided we didn't just want to burn it we wanted to do something original. well we found an old Guitar in one of the Pads so we decided to put our shirts in it, light it on fire then Elder Ili swung it like a bat and i smashed it with a club i have. it was pretty Epic!!!! who can say they lite a guitar on fire and Smashed it! (Don't worry it was a junk guitar and sounded horrible.)

          Friday- was Zone Conference so after my IV we met the Zone and the Kaneohe zone at the Kaneohe Building for Zone Conference all day!

          Saturday- we went to my appointment then we had to take some elders to Ewa Beach because their car got towed.... from their own parking spot.... kind of dumb but its all good. then we made a few visits then went to a Baptism!

          Sunday- i went to the doctor then church then went to our dinner and that was the day!

          Overall a good week and excited to see what the second year of my mission will bring. i hope you all have a wonderful week and remember that we are blessed everyday. It's just weather we focus on the blessing or the trials weather or not we have a great day. Our choice. 

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Love and Miss you all!

Elder Shoaf

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