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Update August 11, 2014

Week 25

Aloha Everyone!
  I hope everyone had a fantastic week! Our week went sooo fast here! I cannot believe it’s already Monday again! But hey. I’m not complaining! I love P-day! We had a false alarm with the Hurricanes that were supposed to smash us Friday and Sunday. Iselle hit Big Island late Thursday afternoon and the southern half of Hilo side got hit pretty hard. But Big Island took one for the team. It pushed Iselle south and took a lot of her power so Maui didn’t get hit to hard and she missed us completely. Kauai got some small flooding but not anything serious and we just got some rain here. But with how hard it hit Hilo our mission president had all of the missionaries stay in their pads all day Friday and big island and Maui gathered at their chapels and hunkered down from Thursday till late Friday evening. I talked to Elder miller yesterday who is in Hilo right now and there are allot of trees uprooted and power lines down so all they have been doing is helping the community clean up the past couple days. And for Julio, he missed the islands completely and went north so we didn’t have to worry about him.
As for my week everything was pretty exciting preparing for the hurricanes and all the stores were completely out of water because everyone was preparing for the worst. Which also means they didn’t have much time to meet with us either. So it was a slow missionary work week.

Highlights of the week;

Monday we played basketball all day and we also go almost every morning to the chapel to play so that’s super nice!
  Tuesday was our first Zone meeting and it went really well and I realized how much I loved Honolulu Zone! Makakilo is great but it isn’t Honolulu. We also were able to go to a weeding for one of our investigators and it was really cool to see! And they were both at church on Sunday! They are so ready! It’s so cool to see the gospel bless people’s lives! 
  Wednesday we had a pretty good day but it was hard to catch people home. And we had to exchange with the Nanakuli elders to cover a couple of their lessons since one of them wasn’t feeling well.
  Thursday was Storm prep. We saw a few people then helped a few of the members of our ward prepare for the storm.
  Friday was Mission Wide sac out day! Haha we were not allowed to leave our pad so we spent to who day playing games, sleeping, eating, cleaned the pad, and whatever else  5 missionaries do for 15 hours without leaving. Then I cooked dinner. I grateful can cook and love to or else it would have been ramen all day! Haha
  Saturday we spent the whole day checking up on everyone and making sure all was well. And we also went to the Gomes house and found them cutting up 600 lbs. of Ahi! He is a fisherman and he didn’t catch all of this but with the hurricane there isn’t a demand right now so he got it for $0.10 a pound for a huge fishing boat! Which is crazy cheap. He sells Ahi for upwards of $15b dollars a pound. But it was really cool to see how you prepare a fish that big! And then he made us fresh Japanese Poke which is basically just fresh raw ahi fillets cut up with onions, herbs, and Soy sauce! It was super good!  
Inline image 2
Cutting up Ahi (Yellow-fin Tuna)Inline image 1
these are decent size and weight over 40lbs.!
And Sunday, we had a great Sacrament Meeting and a couple in the ward talked on Eternal marriage and families and it was super good and we had 4 of our investigators there!!! Which is crazy for this area. We are usually lucky to get 1! So that was a blessing! We also had dinner with one of the younger families in our ward who is here temporarily working for Vivint Solar and they live in Ko Olina which is a super super nice resort, golf course area. It is SOOO beautiful!

Another cool thing that happened this week is that Elder Reese from the District videos is in my ward! he lives her with his parents! it was really cool to get to meet him and talk about his experiences. 
Overall this week was wonderful. I don’t have a huge spiritual message this week but I am just constantly grateful each and every day to see the blessing of the gospel in my life. And to see it bless other’s lives. I’m more and more grateful each and every day for my parents and family and all they taught me growing up. I love and miss them so much. I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I will send some pics in a separate message.
I love you all so much. Until we meet again.

Elder Shoaf

P.S. a member showed me this and if you are a BYU fan or a fan of Grown men making a fool of themselves you will get a kick out of this video! This is a video of the BYU football teams BBQ at Coach Mendenhall’s house to start Fall Camp.

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