Sunday, March 1, 2015

Update February 23, 2015: Laie Bound!

Week 53

Aloha Everyone!

          It has been a fantastic week here in Wahiawa! And the last. Yup. I’m getting transferred. Mixed feelings about it but I’m excited! I will be serving in Hauula (How-eww-la) which is on the windward side south of Laie but I’m in the Laie zone. I will be in Hauula 2nd, 5th, and 6th wards! Yup three wards. Even crazier. 2nd I English, 5th Is Samoan, 6th is Tongan! So it will be an adventure trying to speak three different languages! I’m pumped though! It should be a lot of fun! My new comp is Elder Faitau who is being released as the as the assistant to the president so he will be a great example to learn from!

Well with all of the Excitement out of the way…

This week!

Monday- was pretty normal nothing too crazy.

Tuesday- was a great day we had our last district meeting 5 of the 8 of us are being transferred! Then we had a couple of pretty good visits. Dayleen is so close to baptism, we are so excited for her!

Inline image 1

Our District! (Killpack, Goodman, The Petramalo's, me, Snell, Henderson, Ili) 

Wednesday- we spent the day down at the USS Missouri doing service. Nothing too exciting we spent most of the time on Ford Island picking up trash but then Kevin took us inside of the Big guns!!!! It was soo cool!!! Then we had a great meeting with the Belchers. It’s so good to see them getting back to church! It’s been a tender mercy to see them come back!

Outside the Gun
Inline image 2

At the Breach of the Gun! (Me, Elder Hineman)

Thursday- we were on Exchanges Elder Snell and I worked in Wahiawa and had a good day! Spent a lot of time on base figuring out who is who and had a couple of great visits! Then of course Scripture study at the Laumatia’s!

Friday- Elder Henderson spent the morning cleaning our pad for pad inspections and got 100% the first perfect score Elder Quarnberg has given! Then we were doing our studies and I got a call from Elder Ili telling me that I was leaving. We were in shock because we had heard Elder Henderson would leave and I would stay but apparently both of us are leaving! We are pretty bummed to both leave. White washing an area is always hard to keep the work moving. But we are excited. Elder Henderson is going to Molokai! My dream area! Such a beautiful Island! And as I said I will be staying on the rock for at least the next little while. We also had our ward Cultural night which was a big success!

Saturday- we helped a family on base move and they gave us a bunch of gear from when he was in Afghanistan! And he also gave Elder Ili and I Ukuleles so we each have 2 now! Means I’m twice as good right? Nope still can’t play very well… then I went to dinner with Elder Snell in Mililani then we all went to the Quarnberg’s for games! Sister Quarnberg almost cried when I told her we were leaving! I’m going to miss them a bunch!

Sunday- was a long day I was sick all night and sore from Saturday so I felt like I had been hit by a bus but managed to go to church for my last Sunday in this ward it’s so bitter sweet to be leaving but I’m ready to see what’s next! We then had dinner with the Maafala’s and Laumatia’s and then we went to the stake cottage meeting. It was really good and a great way to end the week!

Overall it has been an amazingly fast 3 months here in Wahiawa! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone! I have loved every minute of it but know I am needed in Hauula and will be blessed to serve with some amazing people over there. It’s such a blessing to serve here in Hawaii. I will soak up as much of this 85 degrees and sun as I can for those back home where it’s below zero!

Love you all,

Elder Shoaf

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