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Weekly Update: April 21, 2014


Another week down! Can’t believe April is already almost over! As well as this transfer! We are already in week 5 of the transfer!!! It’s crazy how fast time flies here! This week ended with such a super solid weekend with the opportunity to see a man named John get baptized and then of course Easter Sunday.

On Monday we had our usually P-day activities with plenty of Basketball!

Tuesday was District meeting. We had a great district meeting discussing the Atonement and how we can more fully appreciate what Jesus Christ did for us.

Wednesday was a pretty normal day we went out with Wailani who is a member of our ward who just returned from his mission in Japan a few months ago. He went with us to visit a few of our investigators as well as a few families in the ward. We also had our weekly lesson with Richard and he ceases to make us laugh the entire time haha. We then had the opportunity to teach Jacob again and it was a super awesome lesson. We taught him the Plan of salvation and how we can live with our families for time and all eternity. We also committed him to a baptism date on May 3rd! We were stoked about that.

Thursday we spent most of the morning down at the mission office doing our quarterly interviews with President Warner. They went super well and while waiting for our turn to go in, Sister Warner showed us the Because of him video the Church has put out for Easter. It was the first time I had seen it and it is so powerful! I highly recommend everyone to watch it! It describes Christ’s life and ministry so well! The link is I hope you all will go see it and share it with those around you!

Friday was a wonderful day! Elder Boudousquie was back in town! Since he is a Zone leader now he was on exchanges with the Assistants to the President who cover our area! So we got to see him quite a bit! The first thing they did was come pick us up in the morning to take us to the Tab to give Elder Dredge Elder miller’s bike rim to be fixed  that he somehow broke on the way home Thursday night. When then had lunch at Popeye’s. OH how good it was to have good southern food again!!! And mash potatoes!!! They then took us to our pad so that we could change into P-day clothes so we could go to service. We then went to the Akaka’s home to help Kalani in the yard. He has such a cool vision for it but it is going to take some real work! We then showered and got dressed for dinner and after dinner we couldn’t have our Basketball night because the chapel gym was being used and it was raining so we couldn’t play outside! That was a bummer. But I guess that’s part of it!

Saturday was a long but good day! We were on exchanges with the zone leaders so elder miller went to McCully ward and Elder Johnson came to Kaimuki. And well we walked a lot. Since we still hadn’t got the new rim Elder Johnson and I had to walk everywhere! We walked almost 15 miles Saturday! And the sun was hot Saturday so we got toasted! But it was all worth it because we got to see John’s Baptism! John is a guy in his 50s and his wife is a member and all his kids are members but john has been investigating the church for over 50 years!!! Anyway he actually lives in our area but his family attends Kahala Ward so the sisters in Kahala have been teaching him, but we have developed a deep relationship with John over the past couple weeks.  The Baptism was wonderful! And the spirit was so Strong! I was so glade to be able to be a witness at his baptism.
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Elder Seaich, Elder Miller, John, Me, Elder Johnson

Sunday was a wonderful day!!! Easter!!! We attended church in the morning and then had a pot luck lunch with several members of the ward. We then went back to church to attend the Kahala Sacrament meeting to be there for John’s Confirmation! We then were asked to teach Sunday school class so we ended up just staying for all the meetings! We then headed back to do our studies and call it a day!

Overall I think the think that stood out to me this week was having a positive attitude about everything. We talked a lot about the atonement this week because of Easter but we also talked about trials with several people and how we need to have a positive attitude even during times of trials. And this actually can relate to the atonement. We discussed a lot about how in god’s plan for us our time here on earth is crucial. On this earth we gain our physical bodies but also we are here to gain knowledge and to learn from our mistakes. And that we choose how much we will learn depending on how we approach these trials or challenges. If we approach them with a bad attitude and a “wow is me” we will take nothing away from the experience.

But if we approach it with a positive attitude and take the opportunity to learn and grow it can teach us so much! I have learned this lesson many times on my mission and going into Saturday I knew we would be walking and I decided rather than focusing on the negative I decided I would focus in the positive. I could have had a negative attitude with such things as my knee and foot problems or maybe the hot sunny day and how sweaty I was or maybe how it took us an hour and a half to get from one appointment to the next. Rather I took it as an opportunity to meet new people as we walked pasted them on the road or in their yard and a time to slow down and think how beautiful it is and about the Easter season. And well my day went pretty well. I didn’t notice the pain I was having or how sweaty I was because I chose not to.

I chose to focus on the positive and I had that mindset going in. and at the end of the day. I smelled terrible I was sticky and wet, my knee locked up and my feet were worn out, I had several blisters but I was happy. It didn’t matter that I was beat up and bruised I was happy to be a servant of the lord and to see the fruits of my labors in john’s baptism. I challenge you all to do the same to choose to focus on the positive. And again I challenge you all to please please watch #becauseofhim at It is only a few minutes but completely changed my day when I saw it. I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter Sabbath and all is well. I love you all and miss you greatly.

With Love,
Elder Shoaf

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Our Beautiful sunset last night!

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