Thursday, May 8, 2014

Update May 6, 2014

Aloha everyone!

I hope everything is going well on the Mainland! it is starting to heat up! the constant breeze that I'm use to is starting to dye off and the heat is rolling in! overall it has been a mixed week. elder miller and i have both been down a few days with a super bad cold/sore throat that has been going around.  but we were able to get quite a bit done. we have had a super busy week but not really missionary work per say. 

On Tuesday we had a zone meeting then spend the afternoon doing paperwork and such at the library as well as Ward Correlation and Ward council meetings. we also learned that the mission was also authorized to text and we are projected to get iPads in August! which will be super helpful. texting helps a lot in contacting a lot of our members and investigators. cause i mean who calls anymore anyway!? 

Wednesday we went to Pearl Harbor and for service this time we swept all the upper decks. starting with the highest deck (deck 6 where the look out and such are) all the way down to the main deck. it was pretty cool because most of these decks are off limits to the public but we were allowed to go anywhere we wanted! i also was about to get inside one of the Forward gun turrets!!!! I'm talking 20 in in diameter guns!!!!! it was so cool! i would have taken pics but my camera was dead from Koko head:( i will get them next time! Wednesday evening we also had Cottage meeting which is help at president Warner's home and its an opportunity for missionaries to bring investigators to listen to the testimonies of several new members. it was an awesome event.

Thursday was a rough day. the Cold hit elder miller and i pretty hard and i was light headed all day and Elder miller lost his voice so we only went out to those appointments previously scheduled. overall we just did our best to get better. a lot of sleep and Day and Nighy quill!!! haha.

Friday elder miller was on the backend of the cold but i wasn't.... haha but we were able to get some work done and were able to have our Basketball night for all our members and investigators. it went really well! we also were able to pry out all the Transfer news for the whole mission from Elder Uaisele. i guess having the Assistants to the President in your area has its benefits! everyone else find out on wednesday! haha. which that we learned Elder Miller is going to Kaua'i in the Kapa'a 1st and 2nd wards. and my new companion will be Elder Wilson. I've heard good things about him! apparently he's a jokester so we will get along well! i hope!

Saturday we had the opportunity to to go to a baptism for a kid the Tongan elders have been teaching. It was so cool! we also were able to attend Stake conference in the evening.

Yesterday was awesome we had Stake Conference in the morning then we had dinner with the Suafoa's and Hardingers. we were there most the evening since it was elder miller's last sunday dinner there. 

Overall a wonderful week besides being sick! as always its beautiful and wonderful here. i hope all is well back home and everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day! i can't wait to Skype home on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait!!!!!! 

Anyway, love you all and miss you each and everyday. please write! i love hearing from everyone!

​Last Night. from Left to right:
Mo (Tara's Boyfriend), Tara Hardinger, Elder Miller, Tony Suafoa (Son-in-Law and Elders Quorum President), Me, then Malachi (Tony's son)

Not Pictured: Britt Suafoa (Hardinger daughter, Tony's Wife), Elias (Tony's Baby), and Brother and Sister Hardinger.

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