Sunday, July 20, 2014

Update July 7, 2014

Week 20

Aloha everyone!
What a week! We were jam packed all week! But it is defiantly summer here! We hit 100 degrees on Tuesday! I also went to the airport Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. For Elder Uaisele to fly to Kona then pick him then to take Elder Jensen to go to Hilo then pick him up. We are the only mission out of 409 in the world where missionaries have to fly to get to areas of our mission. And we have 6 islands to cover! The perks were that there are only 2 Wendy’s in Hawaii and one of them is right next to the airport so I was able to have Wendy’s and a frosty 4 nights in a row!!

Tuesday we had zone meeting and had a super good training on how we can help our investigators understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tuesday I was also on exchanges with Elder Kim we had a good but VERY hot day until I broke my bike.. Again.... I guess a medium bike isn’t built to carry a 6'6” 265 lb missionary day in and day out. But we were able to have a member in the Tongan ward give us a lift back to our pad and then the mission office came a switched out my bike for another.

Wednesday we had Pearl harbor service. It was really cool this week well besides it being super crowded for Independence day weekend the whole Pacific Fleet was anchored there!!!!!!! the U.S. Navy I currently in the middle of RIMPAC war scenario training with 19 other countries. It was sooo cool I got to see an aircraft carrier for the first time in real life but not only that I saw the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS George Washington!!! 2 of the most well known! I also saw countless Battle ships and Amphibious landing ships! And the whole time we were there there were F22s and F16s flying over coming in on final approach! I was in awe!Inline image 1 
Me next to the Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Regean

On another note we also got to see the finished Plaque the USS Missouri will be presenting to President Thomas S. Monson for all the service we have been doing on the Missouri for years. That was really cool.Inline image 4 
Our District with the Plaque made from the Original deck of the USS Missouri
Thursday Elder Wilson went to Fred's with Brother Gulledge while Elder Jensen and I went to get Elder Uaisele from the Airport. He is so solid! He is ready for baptism and is still set on the 26th! We are so excited!
Friday was the 4th of July so we had regular missionary stuff until 3 then we went to a BBQ at Kapiolani Beach park next to Waikiki beach with the Kurihara's then at 5 went to the Tabernacle where we met the Zone to play game sand have a water balloon fight. Elder Uaisele and I then tool Elder Jensen to the airport then met the Zone at a member's house up St. Louis Heights where we had dinner and had a great view of Honolulu and a beautiful view of the sunset then the Waikiki Fireworks.Inline image 2 
Waikiki Firworks
Saturday was a day of service. It was so awesome! We spent the morning at the
Kurihara's Wheeling Gravel again and were able to finish. We also had breakfast. We then sent to the Gulledge's after lunch where we dug along a fence where the yard had just been built but against the fence. So we dug it all out 3 feet down below the fence about 30 ft of it then build a Lava rock wall and then back filled and rebuilt the planting bed with new top soil. We were fried, exhausted, and well work. It was a great day! We then went home showered, took Elder Wahlberg to the Airport, picked up Elder Jensen then straight back to the Gulledge's for dinner it just happened that they had signed up for dinner before we had planned the service! I slept well that night!

Sunday we had our usual Sunday routine then last night we threw a Surprise Birthday party for Elder Johnson. Over all a great and very busy week!
I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and had a wonderful Independence day! I know I did! Love you all!
Elder Shoaf

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