Sunday, September 7, 2014

Update September 1, 2014: Creepin' and Crawlin'

Week 28

Aloha Everyone! 

Another jam packed week her in Kalaeloa! its crazy how fast time flys! the fire is officially out! but it did some damage before it was out. but mostly just foliage. no houses that i know of. this whole week was a week of prep and restart. Wednesday marked the end of another transfer here. elder Buckley and i are the same but we did lose elder Nielsen and Elder Dorff went home. and elder Holy oak came in. so we are back to a 4 man pad. elder holy oak is great i served with him in Honolulu.

Not much exciting happened this week and i have very little time to work with so i will keep it short. the major highlights of this week are first one of our investigators is ready for baptism! her and her husband live with our ward mission leader and we stopped by one day and she said she wanted to be baptized on Sept. 20th! so we are moving forward with and hopefully all will go well! other highlights include. service at a reservation in Makaha and we found this beautiful spider that we later learned was a garden spider. but we picked him  up and it was sooo cool and beautiful! i will attach picture and send a video if i can! he was our little buddy for the day and cruised on top of my hat for about an hour. we named him Tommy boy! haha 
Inline image 2Inline image 1

This week was crazy and HOT! i thought it was suppose to be fall? anyway i also hit 7 months on Friday. next thing i know ill be over the hump and on the way down! i cant believe it is going so fast and i am taking every chance to learn and grow and do all i can. on Monday we had another tragic death the bishop of the Kapolei ward passed away in less than 24 hours of going to the hospital not feeling well. he was an inspiration to everyone around him and was such an influence in the community. i will keep it short im out of time. i challenge you all to take advantage of every opportunity you have. this life is short. take advantage of it to the fullest. 
i hope you all had a wonderful labor day and have a great week. 

Love you all!

Elder Shoaf

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