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Update October 7, 2014: #LDSConf

Week 33

Aloha Everyone!

                We had a fan-dang-tastic week here in Hawaii (Besides Elder Buckley being sick) the weather is starting to let up some. We had some light sprinkles this week to keep it bearable. I am emailing today because today is our P-day since we went to the temple this morning in Laie. It was wonderful! For those of you who watched the Church’s General Conference wasn’t it AWESOME????? I LOVED it! A lot of their messages really hit home for me and I think it did for a lot of people! It’s so cool we have the opportunity to hear the apostles and prophet speak to us twice a year. But more on that later!

                This week!

                Monday- we had a great P-Day and got to see “Meet the Mormons” as I mentioned last week. We also had dinner with a family in our ward that doesn’t come to church regularly but are working on it and it’s really cool to see them wanting to grow! We had a great discussion with them about the Atonement and relying on each other to get us through the hard times of life.

                Tuesday- we had a great district meeting and we talked a lot about obedience and the importance of following our Heavenly Father’s Guidance. We then got our hair cut that evening at our dinner appointment by a kid in our ward who is preparing to serve a mission. He is quite the barber!

                Wednesday- Today was a pretty good day. Elder Buckley wasn’t feeling well so Elder Ngatuvai went with me to our planned lessons and then their lessons in Kapolei ward. We ended up having dinner in the Kapolei ward with a great Family then they took us to get Frozen Yogurt! It was awesome! I haven’t had Fro-yo since I left Provo! We then stopped by and saw Jack and Sheryl.
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Hit 50,000 Miles in our Corolla this week!

                Thursday- was pretty much a totally wash. Elder Buckley wasn’t feeling any better so we ended up staying at the pad till dinner. A great day to catch up on writing letters and studies for me!

                Friday- was a pretty normal day. We were able to meet a couple families that haven’t been to church in a while and such.

                Saturday and Sunday- was General Conference! It was awesome! The Talks were great and we got to watch conference on Saturday at the mission home because our zone met all of our goals so President and Sister Warner had us over for a pancake breakfast! So yeah if you know General Conference it’s an all-day kinda event! With naps in between! So yeah that was our weekend!

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Spam Musubi Makin' Kinda Night!

                My message this week could be like Ten pages of everything I learned from conference but I don’t think you have time for that and my fingers would hurt from typing that much! So I thought about what I wanted to share and I noticed an overall theme form Conference of self-improvement and building a stronger foundation on and faith in Jesus Christ and I loved the talk by President Monson when he talked about our primary purpose her on this earth and how we are here to learn and grow the way only living in a mortal world with a mortal body can teach us. He then went on to talk about Jesus Christ and about how we need to follow his example and stay close to the gospel. He also had a quote that I loved he said; “Walking where he (Jesus Christ) walked is less important than walking AS he walked” I love that quote. And the perspective it gave me. We are not expected to face the trial Christ did or do as he did on this earth. We physically can’t. But we can approach the trials and challenges we face AS he did. I will let you think deeper into that without me giving you my complete thoughts on the subject.

                I do want to mention something else in closing that I learned yesterday in our District meeting and that is that I learned that for over 4 years now President Monson has been suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s and is struggling with it. Yesterday Elder Holy oak mentioned that a Member had told him about it Sunday and then Sister Pantelakis mentioned that she had the opportunity to see him at a church function in Salt Lake City 4 years ago and he was talking in circles and the men with him had to continue to remind him that he had already talked about it. And then Elder Holyoak mentioned how much that strengthened his testimony in modern Prophets and that they have the spirit with them and that they are called of god to share his messages with us and we thought about it and over the 2 days and 5 sessions I had the opportunity to watch he addressed us several times and I can’t think of one instance where he was not clear and exact in what he had to share with us. It’s also a comfort to me to know that even though these men lead our church and guide us they still are normal men who struggle with the trials of Mortal life and not these prefect people who set the bar where we cannot reach it. I know he is called of God to lead and guide Heavenly Father’s church here on this earth.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to the season of Holidays, I know I am. I love and miss you all.

With Love,

Elder Shoaf

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