Saturday, October 18, 2014

Update September 29, 2014: Our True Identity

Week 32

Aloha Everyone!

                Another very fast week here in The Aloha State not much to talk about. Still Very HOT! But the occasional rain has brought the temp down for a bit but the Sun is still SO HOT!!! Its nuts. I guess that’s what happens when you on the equator.

                Monday was a really good day. After we emailed and stuff we had to go to Honolulu for Elder Buckley to meet with President and all the Zone leaders and Sister Trainers for the whole mission were there for a training so it was fun to see everyone that I know that’s been off island for a while. Including Elder Boudousquie we then since we were in Honolulu stopped but a couple members from Kaimuki and it was really fun to see them and the feed us since we didn’t have a dinner! 

                Tuesday was pretty eventless.

                Wednesday was Pearl Harbor Service and it was really fun because afterwards they took us on a tour to see the USS Utah Memorial which is usually off-limits to Visitors. It was really cool and the story of their bravery is amazing.
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USS Utah Memorial

                Thursday was uneventful outside the normal

                Friday we had a service project in the morning then a couple great lessons and a wonderful dinner that evening.

                Saturday was some more service opportunities and a Baptism for a girl in our ward which was really fun!

                Sunday we had great meetings at church and talked a lot about charity and honesty. We then had a great lesson with a young family we are teaching and a young couple came with us to fellowship.

                The Highlight t of the week besides seeing Pearl Harbor which is always cool is we got to see “Meet the Mormons” which is a Documentary about 6 Mormon families and what it is like to be a Mormon. The movie doesn't go to theaters till October 10th but I challenge you all to go see it! It’s really cool to see how diverse God’s Children are and how they all unite in a common belief in Jesus Christ! It was super good and quite funny too! A MUST SEE for sure! Even if you’re not a Mormon!

                I have a short message this week, it comes from the “Meet the Mormons movie and one of the people said; “God Made Nature so Diverse, Look at how many different flowers there are. They are all different shapes, colors, textures, and in different climates but they are all still so beautiful in their own way. It only makes sense that his children would be as well”

                I thought that was such a cool perspective. We are all different and have different personalities, interests, loves, homes and many other things but we all share one commonality, we are all Children of God and he loves us all so very much. This makes me think of a Video we showed at the Baptism on Saturday and I think it’s a great perspective. I Challenge you all to watch it. I will include the link.

Here’s the Link!

"Our True Identity"

I hope you all will remember that you are a son or daughter of a loving Heavenly Father. I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Elder Shoaf

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