Monday, November 16, 2015

Update November 2, 2015: Happy Halloween!

Week 86 & 87

Aloha everyone! 
Ok. I swear I’m not trying to go every other week but it just keeps happening! Wow less than 2 months. Craziness. Well I’m sure you want to hear about all of the fun stuff we have been doing and people we are teaching but first Transfer news! 

So Wednesday is transfers and it’s not pretty. Elder Kelly is done so he Is going home. We knew that. But what we didn’t know is that Elder Gerber and Teerlink are leaving as well. I will be getting a new companion, Elder Southwick and we will cover the Whole Island. Yup. Back to just two of us. I’m not the happiest about it but it is what it is and we will do all that we can! Wade and his family also leave on Wednesday to take Rusty to the MTC so it will be very quiet around the house! 

So the days go so fast that I can’t hardly remember what I had for breakfast, Halloween candy and a granola bar I think, so ill do the best I can to hit the highlights of the last 2 weeks. The big Highlight was our second Kalaupapa trip. Our Mission President, His wife, and 2 couples from Salt Lake flew in Early Wednesday morning. We first took them up to the lookout then we hiked down. We had Breakfast then did 2 service projects. One we did some over growth control. Cleared all the over growth in the yard,, cut the bushes way down and trimmed the trees away from the house. Se second her yard was probably 3 foot high and the thickest grass I’ve ever seen. It took for every to cut and then we cleaned up the rubbish and trimmed the bushes. It went really well. We then had lunch with the lions club down there, they were doing a fundraiser. Then we took some time to relax and get cleaned up then the 2 couples decided they didn’t want to stay overnight so they hiked out and the Warners and us went on a tour then had a million dollar sunset dinner at the Gazebo on the shoreline. President Warner and his wife then called it a night and we rode around with Lester and chilled till we were tired then called it a night. We slept in the Cultural hall at the church and one of the members hosted the Warners. 

The next morning Elder Kelly had his going home interview with president then we hiked out. We took the Warners sightseeing small kine then to our pad where they met up with their friends and spent the rest of the afternoon with them before they flew back to Oahu. It was an awesome Experience to have so much time to spend with President Warner and to be able to serve in Kalaupapa it is a very special place. 

Other Big news is we were able to finish the Shed I Designed and helped Wade build! It was must needed and looks good! 
Inline image 1
Finished besides touch up paint!

On Saturday we Went Hunting for Elder Kelly’s last week and got our first deer! A pretty good sized spike. Dallin Tanecayo shot it about 4:30am we had just barely got into the Mountain from about 150 yards and made a beautiful shot! Nothing the rest of the trip but that was fine we were happy with the spike! 

I will send pictures of course! 
Inline image 2

Inline image 3
The crew! (Dallin, Kelly, Me)

Anyway, it has been a wonderful week over here and I am excited to get my final companion and finish with a bang! I Love this gospel and I Love this work. It will be hard to go home. I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Shoaf

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