Monday, November 16, 2015

Update November 9, 2015: Teacher or Student?

Week 88

Aloha Everyone! 

     I hope everyone is loving in the best months of the year!:) it has been absolutely beautiful here! i actually have to cover up with a blanket at night! during the day its about 85 then at night drops down to the high 70s.
i love this weather! and in the blink of an eye it will be Thanksgiving then Christmas then im finished....

     This week has been a busy week of getting 3 missionaries and the Nakayamas ready to fly out then showing a new missionary the island. Wednesday morning Elder Gerber, Kelly and Teerlink flew out so i was with Wade and his family for the time being then i took them to the Airport, they are up in Utah to take Rusty to the MTC on Wednesday! so after i dropped them off i was on my own for an hour before Elder Southwick flew in from Maui but then i got a call that he missed his flight and wouldn't fly in till almost 7! 7 hours later than expected! it was really weird usually we are always with other missionaries no matter what but in this case that wasn't an option! i was on an island by myself! well i made good use of time by eating a late lunch then took a nap! since i cant do much by myself!

     Well Elder Southwick made it in and is settling in nicely, well as nicely as a City bot from West Jordan, Utah on Molokai can! with the loss of 2 Missionaries once again we will have to cover the Whole island so we took some time to get to know the Hoolehua ward and try to figure out where to pick up where Elders Gerber and Teerlink had left off. 

     This week i had another Missionary serving on Maui call me for advice and support. they just took over their area after their Trainer left and is beyond overwhelmed. i tried and tried to tell them that they were fine but nothing helped. so i related some similar experiences i had had then gave them a Challenge. 1. Pray to Heavenly Father and give it all to him. 2. Fast for Heavenly Father to bless them with strength and direction and to lead them. 3. Change their attitude. 4. get a good nights rest. 5. ask heavenly father first thing in the morning for strength and guidance. 6. go out and serve in faith that he will answer their pray. after we ended that phone call i texted them the same challenge just to have visually. and as i typed "Change your Attitude" it hit me like a bus and i stared at the phone for a good couple minutes. i realized i needed to change my attitude. 

     Halloween night we found out about transfers and i was not happy to be losing all 3 other missionaries and taking over the Island solo with a city boy from Utah. i was not happy and i was not looking forward to this transfer. but i pushed the thoughts aside and moved forward. then Saturday night i realized that i need to change my Attitude. that the very counsel i was giving this missionary was for myself as well. Heavenly Father Works in Mysterious ways. i then took upon myself that same challenge and follow the very step i told this other missionary to do. We both learned a valuable lesson that night and we both changed our attitudes. they are doing much better and understand that they must rely on the lord. we are imperfect but Heavenly Father places us where we are to be, where we are needed, where we can make a difference because of who we is up to us on weather we are going to act on it. it is up to us to have a positive attitude. and in some cases we may be both the teacher and the student. Our Father in Heavenly knows us each by name and the situations we are in. he is always there if we will turn to him for guidance. I love my Father in Heaven and i Love this Gospel.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Elder Shoaf

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