Sunday, September 27, 2015

Update August 31, 2015: Hurricane on the Horizon

Week 79

Aloha everyone!

It has been a great week here on the Friendly Island. Lots going on but not too much exciting to share. The big thing this week is I hit 4 months to go… everything flies by soo fast!

            Monday- was a lot of service and the library was closed so we were not able to email.  But that’s alright we didn’t really have time. We helped Brother wade as well as a few other people. The east end of the island had quite a bit of flooding from the down poar. The rivers run across the road so at times we were driving through 2-3 feet of water! Lucky we have a truck or we would have been stuck.
            Tuesday- we had a zone meeting so we Skyped in with Maui which is always fun. We get kinda lonely over here! Haha we also had a couple of great visits.

Inline image 1
Skype Selfie!

            Wednesday- we helped out a family in Kualapuu clean up their yard. We ended up taking 2 truckloads of scrap metal to the dump and then went back to do rubbish but it was pouring by then so postponed the rest.

Inline image 4
Chilling with a chicken. (sometimes they get out so we let them chill with us before we put them back.)
            Thursday we had 2 great lessons one with Mia who is getting ready to be baptized in a few weeks and another with Kawehi’s Kids who are all preparing to be baptized we just have to figure out a date!

            Friday- we went with Brother Kalani to clean up the yard a sister in our ward who is battling cancer so we clear rubbish and cut down the over growth.

Inline image 2
Elder Willis and Naholovaa Enjoying our beautiful view

            Saturday- we spent a good portion of the day cleaning up at our house and preparing for the back to back hurricanes headed our way. It looks like the first will miss but the second might still hit. We have had I think 5 tropical storms come close in the last month! We also had a great dinner with the Lee’s which went really well. They have come back to church and are doing really really well! So good to see!

            Sunday- was a great Sabbath day church went well. We had a great meeting with the young men and women after church. Then we had dinner with Wade and his family upstairs. We have the best landlord and hanai family!

            I’m so grateful for my many blessings. Wade’s Son Naholovaa just put in his mission papers and is now waiting for his call. So he has been hanging with us quite a bit and asking us a lot of questions and it has been making me reflect on my mission and how much I have learned and grown. It has truly changed my life. I couldn’t imagine where I would be without these experiences. It has made me a better man of god.

I hope you all have a great week and continue to see the blessings our heavenly father pours upon on us every day.

Elder Shoaf

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