Sunday, September 27, 2015

Update September 21, 2015: Sunsets and Service

Week 81 & 82

Aloha everyone!

The weeks continue to pass faster than the last. So fast I didn’t even get a chance to write last week! Sorry! Lots of Pictures though. The weather has been nuts. In 5 weeks we had 4 Hurricane Warning and then on Thursday a Tsunami Watch! We have had to stay on our toes but all is well.  In the past 2 weeks Elder Willis and I have a combined 92 hours of service! (46 each) plus another 60 something form the other elders. We have been given so many opportunities to serve and it has been awesome!

            This past week!

Monday- was P-day and we went Golfing again and guess what!?!?! I’m still terrible! Haha but I am getting pretty good at maneuvering the Golf CartJ

            Tuesday- we had 3 service projects before Zone Meeting at 11! With all of this rain the grass is getting out of control so Elder Willis and I went with a few members of the weed wack and clean yard for 3 widows in the ward. We then Skyped in to Maui for our Zone Meeting which is always fun! We then had alittle bit more service in the afternoon.

Inline image 2

            Wednesday- more service up in Hoolehua.

            Thursday- was a love/hate relationship with food... we lifted in the morning then I made a HUGE breakfast for all of us then we went to help a family with their yard then they took us to Lunch AND ice cream. So at this point im about to explode. Then we helped an old uncle who isn’t a member with is yard and he fed us pizza…. Then dinner 3 hours later at 5…. I almost died of over eating! Haha

            Friday- was more service up in Hoolehua and a beautiful dinner up on the mountain in Kawela where I took this sunset.

Inline image 1
Sunset under the Rain

            Saturday- was Brother Wade’s Birthday. First we all went to the Molokai High School Football game which was awesome even If it’s only 8-man football! Then per Brother Wade’s Birthday Request Elder Willis and I went to a Taro Seminar put on by University of Hawaii every year. Learned how to prepare, plant, and take care of Taro then they have a large taro patch of over 40 different taro and we were allowed to go and harvest as much as we wanted! This is for Wade’s Garden! We then had an awesome dinner down at the beach park and they told me BYU lost… sad.. But still killing it!!!!! #BYUFOOTBALL #BleedBlue GOOO COOOUUGGGAAARRS!!!! Sorry I had too……

            Sunday- was pretty relaxed at church nothing crazy then we had dinner with Bishop Ha’o and his wife which was really nice. We also found out my new companion. Elder Kelly is my new companion he finishes his mission in 6 weeks so it will be a quick companionship! Elder Willis is going to Wahiawa! Lucky Duck!

            Today- Elder Willis and I dug a Lo’I (Taro Patch) and planted the taro! Wade was pretty pumped! In 6 months we will have a whole garden of Taro!

My Thoughts this week are about service the Scriptures say that “When you are in the service of your fellow men, you are only in the service of your god” it’s so true you feel so great after serving someone in need. No it’s not teaching but it is still part of our calling as a missionary. Heavenly Father has blessed us with several teaching opportunities due to the service we have done. It softens hearts and opens doors. The Pure love of Christ is Charity. Serving others is Charity. The first and great commandment of heaven is love god and love others. When we serve no matter the circumstance or reason if we serve others we grow to love them and to love god and in turn we feel the love of God pouring out upon us. I hope everyone has a great week. I love this opportunity I have to serve. I Love these people. I love all of you. And I Love my God.

Elder Shoaf

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