Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Update December 14, 2015: Molokai til the End!

Week 93

Aloha everyone!

Another Wonderful week here on Moloka’i. Man I love this place and am blessed to stay here for the remainder of my mission. I was suppose to return to Oahu for my last 2 weeks but plans changed and president decided to keep me here to bring the new elder up to speed. Elder Connelly will join us on Wednesday and it will be the three of us for the next 2 weeks that way nothing has to change when I depart. It will be a smooth transition.  I am bummed that I will not be able to go to the Laie Temple one more time before I return home or see a lot of the families I have been blessed to serve before I go. It’s bittersweet, but all good. This is where Heavenly Father needs me these next 15 days.

This week!

            Monday- was a pretty normal p-day email and work around the house.

            Tuesday- was pretty busy we had splits with Jr. and had a couple really solid lessons with him. He’s an awesome help. Also service in the morning.

            Wednesday- was a LONG but Wonderful day. We were at the Airport at 6am to catch a flight to Maui. Elder James Hamula of the Quorum of the 70 was here for our Mission tour so we met with him on Wednesday up at the Palehu Chapel which isn’t used as a meeting house anymore but was the first LDS Chapel built in Hawaii. It was built in 1852, one year after the first baptism in Hawaii, by George Q. Cannon and Johnathan Napela. Who were both instrumental in the translation of the Book of Mormon into Hawaiian and Napela is also the one who brought the Church here to Molokai and more specifically to Kalaupapa where he spent the remainder of his life watch over his wife who had Leprosy. So there is a lot of historical Significance to the Palehu chapel for LDS members here. To put it in perspective this all pre-dated the pioneers that settle the Utah Valley.
            We had a wonderful training from him and his wife then we all went down to the Makawao Chapel where we had Lunch then a Question and Answer session with Elder Hamula before they flew to Kauai. It was awesome then we spent the remainder of the day with the elders there before our flight back to Molokai.

Inline image 1
Palehu Chapel bulit 1852

Inline image 2
View of west Maui from Makawao Chapel

            Thursday- we had service in the morning weed-whacking for Boogie then up Maunaloa for a few appointments before dinner at home. We came home to find a Christmas tree in our Pad! The Nakayamas got us a beautiful Douglas fur. The Calvary chapel here orders a whole container of trees from Oregon each year so now even though it doesn’t look or feel like Christmas it smells like it!!!

            Friday- we finished up our service project at the Kalanis. the driveway is looking good! we also had the Hoolehua Ward Christmas party which went really well! And the food and entertainment was on point and we were bulging at the seams we ate so much then the loaded us up with left overs.

Inline image 3
If we stick around to long after a ward party this is what happens... yup that was all sent home with us. filled our whole backseat!

            Saturday- we went hunting with Ipo and saw plenty deer and most of which were buck but we just never had a clear shot or they were spooked before we could take a shot. Then we watched Kalo’s 1st grade team’s T-ball game. Probably the most exciting baseball game I’ve ever watched! Lots of hitting and running! Haha
            Sunday- was wonderful as always. We had a fantastic lesson with Alice on the Sacrament and Mia has decided to be baptized! So we will be moving forward with that! All is moving fast and I love that I get to be a part of it.

            Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Shoaf

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