Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Update November 30, 2015: From Haole to Local, Thanksgiving, Birthdays!

Week 90

Aloha everyone!

What another amazing week! Flying faster and faster towards the end of the year. It was another interesting Thanksgiving. Still not use to the whole 85 degree thanksgiving thing… but it was really good and lots and lots of food. And I think I hit a new record this week we were served Ice Cream a total of 13 times… yup oh and did I mention the remnants of at least 6 or 7 pies in our fridge? Any who.

            This week!

            Monday- was a pretty normal Molokai P-day nothing happened! Haha #isolationprobs

            Tuesday- wade and I worked on one of his bobcats we figured out what is wrong now just have to order parts. We also had a couple of great visits with return appointments. Then we had dinner with the Hoolehua ward Boy scouts at their meeting.

            Wednesday- we were slammed with 4 appointments and had 2 dinners! Hua and Eke and doing great and love church and are growing in the gospel. And the Bordens are really showing a desire to return to church!

            Thursday- Thanksgiving! We had a ward service project picking up trash then had Brunch with the Nakakyamas then we headed out to the McComas’ homestead for pizza I their own pizza oven. Then while Ty and I were cutting the wood and lighting the oven out of the house walks his 2nd cousin and his cousins roommate from BYU-Hawaii who then addresses me by my name even though he couldn’t see me tag and introduced himself as Tim Rasmussen. To the Columbus folks it’s Elder Rasmussen who finished his mission in Columbus 1st ward and also served in Carmel ward while Isaac and Dominika were there! So yeah it was nuts. The stars literally aligned for that one. a family we randomly stopped by to say whats up on Tuesday then they needed me to bring firewood for the pizza oven then Tim is his 2nd cousins roommate that had no other place to go so they came to Molokai and then on top of it I taught a few lessons on exchanges in Laie with his sister who was also there (didn’t know the relation till this day) while my parents were writing me about him....... wow. I was loving it talking about good 'ol C-Bus. He says hello and I’m glad to hear all is going well back homeJ
            So after a few hours there and a sufficient fill of pizza we went home and chilled with the Nakayamas then ate dinner there. It was a good dayJ

            Friday- was Talia’s Birthday (Wade’s Daughter) so we spent the morning cleaning yard and getting everything ready for her party. Then we went and made a few visits in town then up Hoolehua. We had dinner with the Arces up Kalae then came home to light the fire and things for Talia.

            Saturday- I turned 21…… weird…. So wade made us breakfast then we had a bigger late Lunch with some of the Ward members to celebrate. It was a lot of fun and weird again that it was warm and we had a BBQ. Usually the weather is miserable by the time my Birthday rolls around! So that was fun. Wade gave me a BEAUTIFUL Buck Knife from his collection as a gift that just made the day! Then that evening we had our first weekly Basketball night with Hoolehua ward. It was a small attendance but still good time. A few new faces too!

Inline image 3
Da Knife!

            Sunday- was good as always all day at church. Then dinner with the Keaninis and Delos Reyes and the Angcos came as well.

            So today I officially became one Local Bruddah! I needed to renew my License so I said hey what the heck. I’ll just get a Hawaii License! So yup. I’m officially a resident of Hawaii and now get Kama’aina Discount! Aka I’m LOCAL!

Inline image 1
My Temp License!

            Well that’s about it for this week. Hope everyone is recovering from their feast and enjoying the Holiday spirit!

Elder Shoaf

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