Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Update November 23, 2015

Week 90

Aloha everyone!

This week has been fast as always and we were blessed with much much needed rain! Here in Kaunakakai it hardly rains. This is the second time since I have been on the island we have gotten a good rain! It is getting more and more apparent how close I am to coming home by the fact everyone is sick of emailing me! Ha-ha! All of my emails were either from the mission or from other friends on missions writing home to their families! Its ok everyone I’m not sad I just find it funny!

This week!

Monday- was a slow P-day just chilled around the house, emailed, and went to the chapel to shoot around a bit.

Tuesday- we were supposed to Skype in with Maui for district meeting but their computer wasn’t working so they had it without us. So we did some things around the house and then finished up washing the windows at the house we worked on. That took most of the afternoon.

Wednesday- we had a lesson out east end with the English family. It went really well they want to work on returning to church! We also had a great lesson with the Bordens up Kalae. They are an awesome family that is also trying to return to church. They are the caretakers for all the state park areas up there and have such a beautiful place up on the mountain! It nice and cool and beautiful surroundings. We then went down the road and had dinner with his son.

Thursday- we had some service in the morning hauling off a tree one of our members cut down in their yard. Then since the latches for their trailer’s gate are broken I welded some new ones on and then we did a few other things while we had Wade’s welder out. I love the fact that I can make things with my own hands. Its super rewarding!

Friday- we helped wade in the morning with fixing one of his bobcats. The fuel tank and pump were clogged up so we pulled the whole system and went through it and now it runs like a gem. Thanks to my dad and all he taught me growing up! Then we spent the rest of the afternoon setting up for our missionary activity in the Hoolehua ward. We came up with the idea to have a deer cook-off and to invite all the less-active brethren in the ward. That’s what our hunt was for last week! It was a huge success! We had 30 men there of which 20 don’t come to church on a regular basis. It was a lot of fun and they got creative with the meat and made some spectacular dishes! The winner was shrimp wrapped with deer, breaded, then deep fried. It was pretty amazing.

Saturday- we went hunting! No surprise right? :) We went west end with a less active guy named Ipo he’s the man and I love the guy. He’s also been hunting since he could walk. It was a really bare day since it was raining so the deer don’t have to come out to look for water. Kind of crappy but we didn’t give up and ended up getting one Spike and a FAT doe. Lots of good meat. When we got back we washed our filthy truck and then made a couple visits before dinner.

Inline image 1
Me, Ipo, Elder Southwick with our Doe and Spike.

Inline image 2
De-Boning the Spike

Sunday- went really well. Church was great and Alice came again! Shes from North Carolina here to study the Hawaiian Culture and has a lot of interest in the LDS faith we have had a couple great lessons with her now and she’s loving it!

Over all a great week and still loving what I’m doing and loving the difference I can make in other people’s lives. Hope you all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving. It’s supposed to be 83 and sunny here for Thanksgiving. Not the average!

Elder Shoaf

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