Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Update December 22, 2015: Mele Kalikimaka!

Week 94

Aloha everyone!

MELE KALIKIMAKA!!!! Crazy that Christmas is on Friday! It’s hard to be in the Christmas spirit and for it to feel like its Christmas when it’s 80 degrees… But I heard its mot that much colder back home which is nuts! Anyway.

This week!

            Monday- we pretty normal not much to report. BUT! Mia will be baptized on the 26th! We are stoked.

            Tuesday- was the BEST day EVER!!!! Why you ask? Well first off we cleaned our whole pad in preparation for Elder Connelly joining us. Then we went on splits with Jr. and had a really good visit with the Pelekai Family. Then we picked up two BRAND-NEW BEDS!!!!! If anyone knows anything about missionary’s pads the beds are usually more of Bowls than beds. But now we have brand-new mattresses and box springs. Christmas came early!!! Yup. Probably the highlight of the week!

            Wednesday- we picked up Elder Connelly from the airport then let him get settled in. he just came from the heart of Honolulu where I think there was more people in a mile radius than are on this island total so it is a bit of a shock! Haha we had a great lesson with the Borden’s then had dinner with them and their son Blaine at his house.

            Thursday- I worked around the house in the morning then we headed up west end to make some visits then Christmas Caroling to the widows of the Kaunakakai ward. It went really well and was pretty fun too.

            Friday- we had the Kaunakakai ward Christmas Party, which went really well! When we got there 10 till 6 they were already pulling out extra tables! We had over twice what they had expected! It was awesome and the talent show went really well! Complete success!

            Saturday- we went hunting with the Pawns. It was both Connelly and Southwick’s first time up the Mountain. And we had success! No pig but got 2 huge Bucks. They were velvets so their new Antlers were still growing so we estimated that full grown would have been almost a 40in rack, which is rare. Dallin Tanecayo shot them from about 300 yards an excellent shot. They were so big even after gutting them it took both Dallin and I’s whole strength to drag one up the hillside! We also got a Spike, which looks like a baby compared to the other two! We also had our Basketball activity for the Ho’olehua ward, which went really well!

Inline image 2
The First Buck!

Inline image 1
All three- Post Hunt. we had about 150lbs of meat to share with those who needed it!

            Sunday- was the longest day of my mission but also really really good. We arrived at the chapel at 6:30am and left at 8:30pm… first meetings then Kaunakakai ward, our lesson with Alice went really well. Then Hoolehua ward, which ended at 4 then, we had a youth fireside at 5 for the Hoolehua ward then a stake fireside that was broadcasted from Maui at 7! Long day but good reason!

            Anyway. One more week! I hope everyone has a beautiful and merry Christmas. It truly id the best time of the year that we get to celebrate the birth of our Savior who without there would be no hope, no joy, and no ability to return to our Father in Heaven. Have a great week!

Elder Shoaf

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