Friday, November 28, 2014

October 27, 2014: Letter from Member Family

Aloha to the Shoafs & Speakmans, 

Your sons, Elders Shoaf & Speakman, the two missionaries assigned to our Kalaeloa Ward, did some service projects with my husband, Bro. Wise, yesterday.  They cut down a couple of banana trees in our back yard.  One tree had given fruit recently and the other young tree was too close to the fence.  Anyway, watching them work out there and cutting down the banana trees reminded us our son, who is serving a missionary in the Philippines Laguna Mission, as he worked so hard in our yard, while he was home, planting and caring for those banana trees.  He also has the chance to work with the people in doing similar service there.  

Elder Shoaf is a big guy and such a good worker and just gets right into it, a power hitter-----chopped away the thick trunks and leaves of the banana tree and, Elder Speakman, was right there also, picking up/hauling off the cuttings to the van for dumping.  They were a good working team and fast.  My husband was there supervising and appreciated not having to lift and haul those heavy cuttings himself.

Bro. Wise arranged to have them help less active members/non-members also.  They hauled items from a less active member, Bro. Lima's house, as he is moving and getting rid of things and non-member family, Steve and Joni our neighbors, who had a garage sale yesterday, and had things to discard.  Bro. Wise and the missionaries took those and the cuttings to the dump.  These families were so appreciative of their help.  The two boys were hungry especially after working so hard.  We fed them a full meal and some to take home for later eating.

We sure appreciate your sons and their desire to work and teach.  Thanks for raising such good young men.  Enjoy the pics.

Mahalo, (Thank You)
The Wise Ohana (Family)
Ron & Renee Wise

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