Friday, November 28, 2014

Update November 17, 2014: Go Forth with Faith!

Week 39

Aloha everyone!

I Hope everyone is have a fantastic Monday! And for all of my friends and family that are getting hit by the cold I’m jealous… haha it may be in the single digits back home but I miss it! The weather here is cooling off a tad though... it gets down to the 70s at nightJ  we had a great week here not much success but all is good we are loving every minute.

The huge shock this week was on Monday we found out that Elder Petter who I served with in Honolulu was diagnosed with Leukemia and returned home to start extensive Chemotherapy. I was in disbelieve but it all set in Tuesday at Zone Conference when President Warner filled us in. we are keeping him in our prayers and as a mission fasted for him on Saturday. It just goes to show how this can change so fast.

This week!

Monday- was full of Basketball, emailing, and then a really cool hike in Makaha that we all forgot our cameras for… we will get pics next time! Haha we then had a great dinner with the Cornelison’s, sister Cornelison is a recent convert from Arkansas! Finally someone from the mid-west!

Tuesday- we spent the whole day at the Waipahu Stake center for Zone Conference and it went really well! They told us we should get Ipads by January! Which would be awesome! And we also got new phones, the whole mission switched from Sprint which sucks here to AT&T which is a little bit better so we got new phone #s and so we had to text everyone our new number... that was annoying... haha.

Wednesday- we did service from Brother Tilghman then he took us to Denny’s for lunch and we ate WAY too much! I almost exploded! Haha then we had a couple of great visits including a great visit with the Baldomeros! We made so great progress with them!

Inline image 2

the latest from Brother Tilghman's!

Thursday- we had a district flood in the Kapolei area but didn’t have much success. Most people though we were Jehovah Witness and didn’t even give us a chance to tell them otherwise! Haha it is always assuming seeing the reaction people have when we knock on their door!

Friday- we did service for Brother Tilghman again. Then had a bunch of great lessons! Then a great dinner at the Russell’s! We had German Night! And ate schnitzel….. yes it actually exists! And was amazing! We also had a red cabbage dish and some other things! It was all so good!

Saturday- we did some service out in Waianae for one of our members mother cleaning yard and trimming bushes! Then had a whole lot of empty houses we knocked on looking for less-active members! Then had a great home cooked meal at the Robinsons, Corn Chowder and cornbread! I was in HEAVEN!!! Then the sent choke groceries home with us! It was crazy!

Inline image 6


Sunday- we had great church meetings and got to dress up (kinda) as book of Mormon characters for primary! It was super fun! Then we had a couple of great lessons! Overall a great week!

This week I think of Humility and about faith and how god gives us weaknesses to humble us so that we will turn to him with faith and seek after his guidance. The scripture that comes to mind is Ether 12:27
            “27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

We have a loving heavenly father who wants the best for us and he has given us a great example to follow in his son Jesus Christ. I also thought of a great video to close.

Remember that as long as we follow Jesus Christ we will always know which way is up and will never have Vertigo!

It’s called “Spiritual Vertigo”

I love you all and hope you have a great week and don’t freeze!

With love,
Elder Shoaf

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