Friday, November 28, 2014

Update November 10, 2014: Tender Mercies

Week 38

Aloha Everyone!

This week has been a great one! the weather has had a break. the trade winds are bad and we are getting a lot of high 80s and 70s and less and less 90s. but the Highlight was for sure Jack got Baptized! it was really fun to see him be baptized. he was baptized on Wednesday then Confirmed in sacrament meeting on Sunday.

Alright so this week!

Monday- for P-day today we played basketball this morning with the guys then ate at Denny's then emailed then rounded out the day with a nice hike up to the pill boxes.

Tuesday- today we had a great district meeting then made a couple visits. it was kinda slow because of elections. here in Hawaii all schools and government buildings shut down so yeah.

Wednesday- today we did service at brother tilghman’s its coming along nicely and then we spent the afternoon preparing for jack’s Baptism.

Inline image 1

Thursday- we spent the morning visiting people the did our weekly planning after lunch then had a great dinner at the fredricks.

Friday- we met this really cool family while tracting they are from Burkina Faso and have been here about 3 years. They are super cool and their first language is french! Never saw that one coming!

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Saturday- was a long day of knocking on Empty houses then we saw a few less-active families with Brother Gomes then had a great dinner with Jack and Sherl.

Sunday- was also a great day at church Jack was Confirmed and we had the primary program it was super cute! we then had a couple of great lessons. overall a good week!

This week my thoughts turn to building our testimony and relying on the lord. we were listening to a few talks this week and they talked a lot about how the lord hears our prayers. i challenge everyone to rely on our Heavenly Father and go to him in prayer. he will get you through what ever challenges may come your way. He is the good shepherd and he knows his sheep.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! i cant believe that my birthday and Thanksgiving are around the corner!

Elder Shoaf

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