Friday, November 28, 2014

Update November 24, 2014: The Big 20

Week 40

Aloha everyone!

Another week has FLOWN by!! It’s crazy! I guess it’s probably because it’s still in the high 80s! It’s crazy to think Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I turn 20 on Friday! Time is flying so fast! But I’m so ready for the holidays! Even if it won’t be a winter wonderland…

This week;

            Monday- on Monday after we emailed we headed out to Makaha to hike the rock outcrop again this time we took our cameras! I will include many :)

            Tuesday- we had a great district meeting then made a run to Honolulu to pick some things up from the mission office. Including a Birthday present from my parents! An Ukulele! For dinner we went to Panda Express with Bishop Kaawa. We always go there with him! I love that place! Then we had a couple good visits!
            Wednesday- was a long day Elder Speakman was getting over a cold and I was in the beginning phases… lots of tissues and Dayquil! But we made it! Haha we had service at Brother Tilghman’s as well.

Thursday-we did a lot of paper work in the morning then had a service project at a member’s house. They are an older couple and can’t weed wack the hill on the back of their property so jack went with us and we did it for them! I love weed wacking! And my skin feels great! I hit a patch of aloe… I mean a big one... So I was covered in aloe but the end of it!

Friday- was a pretty good day I was hit pretty hard by the cold but I sweated most of it out at service at Brother Tilghman’s we are getting close to being done with the deck!

Inline image 1

Getting close!

Saturday- we cleaned our pad most for the morning. It was much needed! We then made some great visits with Brother Gomes and then went to a Baptism in the Kapolei ward. It was super great! Then met Jack and Sheryl for dinner! we also found a 4 inch centipede in our pad.. actually under Elder Speakman's desk about a foot from his foot!

Inline image 3

we like our centipedes "well-done"

Sunday- was another good day of Church, visits, a grind of dinner then Family Home evening with the Gomes then we rocked out on the Ukuleles!

Overall a great week! I love the holiday season and what it stands for. Find the Thanks in Thanksgiving and Christ in Christmas. Because isn’t that what it is really, truly about?

I challenge everyone to find someone to thank, someone to serve, and someone who needs a friend. I can promise you this will bring you more happiness than any turkey or Black Friday deal can bring you.
I hope everyone has a Fantastic Thanksgiving weekend and don’t go too crazy on Black Friday! Love and miss you all!

Elder Shoaf

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