Friday, November 28, 2014

Update October 27, 2014: Week of Miracles!

Week 36

Aloha Everyone!

                First off I'm on Cloud nine! I LOVE the letters and message I receive from everyone! Please email me I love to hear from you all!

What a week! This week was incredible! So much going on and so many blessings and miracles!
The weather is cooling down some, the evening are amazing but the middle of the day is still SUPER hot! Not temperature but we are just so close to the sun it hurts! Haha I guess that happens when you are in the tropics! Elder Speakman and I are getting along really well, we work really well together and it shows!

Alright let’s get to it! This week;

                Monday- Monday was a pretty good P-day we ended up just getting haircuts and playing basketball most the afternoon. We then had a great dinner with the Iokias who are a super awesome older Hawaiian Couple and he is what the Hawaiian People call a healer. It’s really cool to hear all the stories about how just but using his hands he heal people, one of which he wasn’t at work but at the airport and this man was having a heart attack and was able to work the blood clot out of his leg and the man was fine! He is going to work on my neck sometime when he has some time im super excited!

                Tuesday- we had our first District Meeting as a new District and it went pretty well, we also had another great dinner with a younger couple who live in Ko Olina he works for the Army, classified stuff… anyway they just moved from Germany about a year ago where he was stationed for about 3 years and they are fluent in German! As well as a few other languages! They have lived all over the world while hes been with the Army.

                Wednesday- was a long day because we decided to fast for our Investigators and everyone else we have been working with and it was hard to go the whole day without food or water but it is always worth it to see how our Heavenly Father blesses us. We had service in the morning at Brother Tilghmans and it went really well then spent the afternoon making visits before we broke our fast at 6 then we went to our lesson with the Baldomeros then met Jack and Sherl at the Stake Cottage meeting and Jack told us that his parole officer called him and told him that he will be released from his probation next week! He wasn't supposed to get off till June, which is really awesome because he can get baptized now! We set a date with him and he will be getting baptized on November 5th! We are so pumped for him!!!

Inline image 1

Latest Picture from Brother Tilghman's 

                Thursday- was another trip to Firestone to get a flat tire fixed... Hawaii Roads are terrible… then week plan before our lesson with Jack and Sherl then Bible Study. Pretty normal day.

                Friday- we went to Brother Tilghmans again then had lunch then helped a new family move into the Makakilo ward from Mililani we didn’t even get in shirt and tie till almost 5! It was awesome! Then we had a couple pretty funny experiences tracting, one of the houses we knocked on the guy came to the door then stood in the window and shook his head till we walked away! It was classic! He didn't even open the door just saw that we were missionaries and shook his head! Haha but it wasn't for nothing we found this great lady that has been through a lot in her life and we are meeting with her next weekend and im super excited!

                Saturday- we had some more service for a ward member, we helped Brother Wise cut down a couple banana trees in his yard then help a few of his neighbors with various things. They the fed us dinner and it was AMAZING!! They are great cooks!

Inline image 2

They are Believers.... are you?

                Sunday- was chalk full of visits and great times! One of our members son’s Girlfriend wants to learn more about the gospel so we are going to be working with here and we also saw a few other members! A great day!

                My message for this week is pretty simple; ENDURE! It is always worth it when you are striving to do the right thing! Sooner or later you will see the blessing of it and it will be more than your sacrifice. I have seen it sooo much this week! I know that through Jesus Christ we can overcome any obstacle that is placed before us. When we adhere to the gospel of Jesus Christ we will see the Joy that this life has to offer when we fall away we think it is better but NEVER is. Only when we are doing the right things will we experience true joy. I challenge everyone to hang on and endure through the trials we all face. It will be worth it. The Advisory will throw everything he has at us when we are doing what is right. That’s how we know we are going in the right direction! When we give up and go with the flow it is easier yes but will not take us anywhere but down. We MUST fight up stream! The standards of the world and what is now acceptable but the worlds standards are not where the lord’s standards are. His will never change unlike the rapids of the world’s standards. Stay close to the standards that our Heavenly Father has set and we will be able to avoid the Logs and debris flowing down the river of despair and make up-stream progress towards our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom

I hope you all have a wonderful week the gospel is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior. And our Heavenly Father knows each of us by name and the trials we all face.

Elder Shoaf

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