Friday, November 28, 2014

Update October 13, 2014: Hurricane Season in Full Force

Week 35

Aloha everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week. We are on the tail end of another Hurricane. We got a TON of rain from this one but for the most part the winds missed us. But it rained from 10am Saturday till early this morning solid downpour! Somewhere around 8 inches of rain in 40 hours! If we weren’t an island we would be flooded! Haha

This week has been a week of change and resetting.

Tuesday- we spent the day letting Elder Buckley pack then visited a few families to say goodbye to.
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The Calm before the Storm

Wednesday- was transfers we woke up long before the sun to drive to Honolulu for transfers after transfer meeting I spent a few hours helping the Assistants with all kinds of stuff till my new companion, Elder Speakman, Flew in from Maui after Lunch. He is from Rexburg Idaho and has been out 4.5 Months all on Maui in the Pukalani Ward. We get along really well! He a country kid so we get along pretty well! He played Baseball and Basketball. we then went back to Kalaeloa where I let him unpack a bit then I showed him the area and introduced him to a few families.

Thursday- we spent the morning week planning and going over everyone we are working with giving him a little background. We then had to go to Firestone in Waipahu for 5 hours! For oil change, tire rotation, and new brakes! That took up our whole day! Then we had dinner!

Friday- we did some service for Brother Tilghman then made a few more introductions.

Saturday- we went to Brother Tilghman’s for a bit again then the Hurricane rolled in and started pouring which was actually a blessing because everyone we tried to visit was home since it was raining and a Saturday!

Sunday- was a busy day. Our early meeting was cancelled because of the storm so we got to chill till church started at 11 which was nice! Then we made a few visits then dinner and Family Home Evening at the Gomes house. A busy and exhausting week!

I don’t have much of a message this week just that true joy comes from serving others. I hope all is well and I hope you are all enjoying the fall season. I love it and miss the changing of the leaves and cool weather! I can’t believe Halloween is in just over a week then thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corning! And getting to call home to my family in 2 months!!!

“We were not placed on this earth to walk alone”
            -President Thomas S. Monson
With Love,
Elder Shoaf

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