Friday, November 28, 2014

Update November 3, 2014: No Fall in Sight...Or Winter...

Week 37

Aloha everyone!

The weeks just seem to keep getting faster! I can’t believe it’s already November! But it’s not any November I’m use to! It has been in the 90s all week! And no sign of winter or fall…. It kind of sucks… haha I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!
            This week:
            Monday- today was a pretty chill p-day we played basketball and the usual p-day activities we had a great dinner with the Burmingham’s and it ended up being at Chilis because a lot of the families In the ward were meeting there afterwards for Matt Jenkins Birthday so it was a blast to see everyone and chill for a bit!

Inline image 2

The Crew at Chili's! almost all of the men except for one are return Missionaries! and half are converts! super solid! we love these guys! (Burmingham's are lower left with their new-born daughter Mable!)
Tuesday-was a busy day we had our district meeting and made a lot of visits
Wednesday- we went to Brother Tilghman’s for service then did quite a bit of tracting we had a lot of comical vents when people would see us standing on their porch. We then had our ward Halloween party and we had the best costumes! I dressed up as Elder Speakman and he dressed up as me!..... Haha we switched tags and called it good!

Inline image 1

Latest pics from Brother Tilghman's!

Thursday- was along day of trying to contact a bunch of less-active members on our records. We found a lot that had moved and there was a wreck in the highway so we stuck in traffic FOREVER! A truck ran into the back of a stopped bus and the drive was killed so they had to investigate so they shut the road down.

Friday- was Halloween so we made visits then had to be off the streets by 4pm so we just went to the chapel to play basketball for the rest of the day and chill with the rest of the zone.
Saturday- was full of more visits trying to find less-active members then more tracting. It was a long day…

Sunday- went really well! We had several people bring friends to church that wanted to learn more about our church so we were able to answer questions then set up appointments.

Today- we played basketball with a bunch of the guys from our ward now we are headed to go hike the pill-boxes. We are looking forward to Jack’s Baptism on Wednesday!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and remember that there is always who is worse off than we are. What can we do to make their day?

Elder Shoaf

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